Major League Baseball betting for Wednesday

With the NHL and NBA playoffs in an off day today, there was plenty of exciting sportsbook action to be had with Major League Baseball offering some great rivalries, and good opportunities to make a bit of cash online. Although it definitely feels a little strange to not have post-season sportsbook betting available, as has been the case for the past month and a half or so, professional baseball has shown that it too is worth betting on, with games today between the Yankees and Red Sox, Braves and Mets, and the Tigers vs. the Angels to name a few key match-ups. Betting on sports is always a fun time when you have good rivalries, and good pitching match-ups to choose from, and I for one was ready to get wagering on Wednesday’s games to see if I couldn’t capitalize on a great day of online sportsbook betting wins from yesterday. As always, parlay wagers were the bets of choice, looking to get as much money for as small of a wager as possible.

For Wednesday, betting on sports would be accomplished at one of our best online sports gambling sites at (<a href=””>read the review of Intertops</a>), starting off with a three-team parlay wager on National league contests. The L.A. Dodgers have been playing great baseball lately, while the Milwaukee Brewers have been showing that maybe their spectacular season start was a fluke, and thus the first bet would have to go on Brad Penny and the Dodgers to win. Secondly, with Barry Zito on the mound for the San Francisco Giants, I had to place the Giants to win over the struggling Astros, whose pitching staff as a whole is off to a rough start this year, Rounding out the first parlay bet was a wager on the Mets vs. Braves match-up, taking pitching as the key factor in this game as well. Oliver Perez was a favorite of mine when playing for the lowly Pirates in his first years, and his performance as a Met has shown that his winning ways are only just getting started. Luckily for me, this wager went exactly according to plan last night, as pitching was certainly the key. Brad Penny, Barry Zito, and Oliver Perez worked to collectively shut down their opponents, combining to only give up one run on the evening.

My American League bet however was not so lucky for Wednesday. Taking the Angels to win ended up being my downfall, as Bartolo Colon got lit up for 4 runs in the 2nd Inning, and even a good rally couldn’t bring the Angels back, eventually losing 8-7 in Detroit. Add insult to injury, Boston went down to the New York Yankees, and after that it didn’t even matter that Seattle won last night, as my second parlay bet went down in flames. Nonetheless, it was a great night of wagering, with plenty of solid baseball action to be had. Betting on baseball in our top sportsbooks is always a great time, and if you haven’t gotten around to taking out a few baseball wagers, there’s no time like now to start. With the best online sportsbooks to choose from, and a non-stop supply of games to wager on, you can count on to direct you to the right places to make the right bets on any given day.

Aaron G.