NBA Playoffs back in action with more online sportsbook bets

Well folks, it’s getting close to a nice, long three-day weekend and Thursday has some more great online sports betting opportunities, especially for Major League Baseball and the NBA Playoffs. offers the best online sportsbooks on the internet, and today is certainly a good day to check out our site, and read over the sportsbook reviews in order to find the sportsbook most suited to your style of wagering. For Thursday night’s NBA action, I have gone over to (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), in order to place a bet for the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Detroit Pistons match-up tonight. I’ve decided to go out on just a little bit of a limb and take the Cavs with the 5.5 points on the line, as I’m hoping that at least one of the two Conference Finals might actually be a contest after the first two games. The Cavaliers will need to find LeBron James some open looks on the court tonight if they hope to have a chance in Detroit tonight, as James was completely shut down with only 10 points in the first game of the series. Nonetheless, I’m hoping that Cleveland will make the series interesting, and come out victorious tonight.

For Major League Baseball, a handful of day games have already come and gone, with the most surprising victory coming from the Detroit Tigers. With Jason Bonderman on the mound throwing 8 innings with only four hits and no runs, the Tigers thumped the Angels 12-0 this afternoon at home at Comerica Park. Later on in the evening, one great match-up to look for while betting on sports would have to be the match-up between two former Atlanta Braves teammates, John Smoltz and Tom Glavine. Both pitchers are having great seasons thus far, but for my online sports betting I have to go with Smoltz tonight even with a hurt finger. This should be a great game either way, and if you have a chance to watch some baseball tonight, you know that TBS will have the game on as they pummel the entire U.S. with Atlanta Braves’ games all year long. With this game, I have also included San Diego to beat the Chicago Cubs and the Arizona Diamondbacks to beat Houston, as part of another three-team parlay wager. So far this season, I’ve managed to pull of an 8-5 win-loss tally for my 3 team parlay bets, which for any amateur is a good start.

Find these games and more sports action at the best online sports gambling sites featured here at There is always plenty of bets to be had, with great up-to-date sports betting advice on all these sites, so make sure you’ve done your homework before betting online. From all of us here, we wish you a happy extended weekend if you’re in the States, and hopefully all your weekend bets turn out to be winners. Check back with us tomorrow for more sports betting updates, and until then good night, and good luck!

Aaron G.