NBA, NHL playoff report

Last night was certainly an interesting post-season spectacle across the NBA and the NHL, which in one case made for an exciting sporting event, and in another led to a complete snooze-fest. As the Stanley Cup Finals between the Ottawa Senators and the Anaheim Ducks began, I was certainly hoping that my online sportsbook wagering on the Sens would pay off with Ottawa making an adjustment to tie the series up. However as the game got under way, the opening ten minutes of the first period saw an extreme imbalance of shots on goal, to the tune of 10-1 favoring the Ducks which was certainly not what Ottawa, or myself expected. What was definite in this game were the goaltending prowess of both J.S. Giguere and Ray Emery, the latter holding on to a shutout until Samuel Pahlsson fired in an unassisted goal 14 minutes into the third period. This lone goal shot down my sportsbook bet for Wednesday night, and also will send Ottawa home with a 2-0 deficit for Friday night’s game. Nonetheless, the action was back-and-forth all night, and both teams played a solid, defensive-minded game.

In the NBA, things were certainly a little more ho-hum on Wednesday night. As was apparent from the opening minutes of the first quarter, San Antonio had grown tired of toying around with the Utah Jazz, and basically ended the game there. Jumping out to a 34-15 lead after one period, the Spurs made quick work of the Utah Jazz, and left fans with a lot to be desired in this match-up. Even with a winning bet placed on one of our best online sportsbooks at, this game was over in the first half, and really not much of an interesting game to watch from then on. Nonetheless, San Antonio will advance the NBA Finals, and get a few extra days rest as the outcome between the Detroit Pistons and the Cleveland Cavaliers is still very much up for grabs. With the Detroit v. Cleveland game getting underway at 8:00 pm ET, there is still plenty of time to jump on to one of our top sportsbooks at and place a wager for this match-up. I’ve gone over to for my wager this evening, and taken the Cavs with the 5.5 point cushion on the line. I certainly expect this game to tight up until the end, as has been the case in every game thus far.

Betting on sports for the playoffs has been a great ride this spring season, and I for one have certainly learned a lot by just perusing the online sportsbooks and checking out the myriad of sports betting advice offered up around the internet. There is a tremendous amount of information available for those looking for some sportsbook action, and it’s never bad advice to hunt down as much information as possible before placing your bets. Check around our featured online sportsbooks here at, and don’t forget to catch the Pistons and the Cavaliers tonight, as it should be another great contest.

Aaron G.