Betting on sports at our best online sportsbooks reviewed …

I’m very glad to say that it is almost the weekend, in what has been a long and very exciting week of sports and online sportsbook betting. Also, it’s another new month to reset yourself, start fresh, whatever you need to do´┐Ża lot has happened in the NBA and NHL playoffs, and as the playoff rounds continue on, the betting becomes even more intense for sports fans looking to place the correct bets and score some easy cash. Thursday night continues the excitement even further as there are plenty of great match-ups to choose from in our featured online sports books, including the contest between the Detroit Pistons and the Philadelphia Sixers, which should be one of the best games of the evening. It’s certainly do or die for the 76ers who are looking to mount a comeback after being down 3-2 in the series, after having won their last game to make it a little closer heading to tonight’s game. I don’t know about you, but I have already headed over to (read the review of Players Only), one of our best online sports betting websites reviewed at, and placed a wager on the Pistons with a 2.5 point margin of victory. I may be going out on a limb here, but it seems as though the Sixers had their chance already to sew up this series, and are now in for a real fight. Only time will tell now.

In the NHL tonight, the Detroit Red Wings square off once again with the Colorado Avalanche, as well as the Penguins facing the Rangers, which should make for two very exciting on-ice competitions worthy of any sports fan’s bets. Both Pittsburgh and Detroit are looking to sweep, which would certainly make for some very quick-ending conference semifinals, so I’m hoping at least one team in the hole comes out on top tonight. Throwing these two games together in to one tidy little two team parlay wager should keep the evening very interesting, and hopefully profitable. Make sure that if you are looking to do some online sports betting tonight that you get down to the sportsbooks before the start of the earlier games this evening, which will be starting at or around 7:00 ET. I already can’t wait for the action to begin!

Major League Baseball is also furnishing some quality sportsbook opportunities for online bettors, and you will no doubt be able to find some good match-ups to do a bit of online sports wagering on tonight. Check out all the great games on our featured top sportsbooks reviewed at, and have a great evening of sports watching and wagering. It will certainly be a good one.

Aaron G.