Weekend bets make for a great time at Oddsmaker.com

It’s turned out to be an exciting weekend thus far, and Saturday’s action in our best online sportsbooks only maintained the notion that no matter what type of wagering you do, there’s always a great time to be had when it comes to post season betting. For Saturday’s key NBA match-ups, two games were in store for potential sportsbook bettors, including the Cleveland vs. Boston and Orlando vs. Detroit contests. With my sportsbook wager at Oddsmaker.com picked to take Cleveland with line, I happily collected my winnings and thanked the great team play exhibited by the Cavs at home on Saturday. Cleveland fans will no doubt thank their team cutting the series deficit to 2-1, and with another game at home on Monday where they can look forward to having at tying up the series before heading back for game 5 in Boston. It will always remain true that the team who plays together will win together, and this game was certainly a strong case for that philosophy. A 108-84 loss by the Celtics should have them looking to regroup, because it’s certain that the Cavs want to play well for their fans.

Now everyone knows that the series between Detroit and Orlando should have been hotly contested, however I for one did not expect that the series would be swung in a 3-1 favor for the Pistons so quickly. However, as this series has had three very close contests thus far, it is needless to say that the remaining games of the series will be tight (even if there is only one left), and no one really will be able to accurately predict who will be left standing at the end. Picking the winners for online sports betting is definitely difficult for this match-up, and I for one am now 1-2 on this series, with a wagering loss on this game. No matter, I will continue to wager at our best sports betting sites in the hope that I can break even in this series by the time that games six and maybe seven come around. For sports fans, I certainly hope that we get a game seven in this series, because for me this should be the championship game as these teams are hands down the two best who are left in the NBA postseason.

Look for more great online sports betting for NBA Basketball on Sunday, as the Spurs and Hornets lock up again, and the LA Lakers look to get a rare and prized win against the Jazz at home. I’ve got to place my online sportsbook bet to take total points for the LA v. Utah game, as I’ve been watching the scores inflate since the first game of the series. Heading over once again to Oddsmaker.com (read the review of Oddsmaker.com), my wagers are placed for Sunday, and I can’t wait for the games. Make sure to get your online sportsbook wagers placed, and enjoy the exciting post-season action that is sure to keep sports fans on the edge of their seats.

Aaron G.