NBA, NHL Playoff wagering for Sunday’s sports …

Hopefully you were lucky enough to take a little time out of Sunday’s Mother’s Day schedule to catch some of the great sporting action available, and perhaps do a little online sportsbook betting to makes things a bit more interesting. On this Sunday, there was plenty of sports wagering on hand, and the games being played across all the sports leagues were certainly some of the more exciting contests of this week. First off for wagering on Sunday was the NHL match-up between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, in which I had previously taken the Penguins to take both games at home and go ahead 2-0 in the best of 7 series. Just as the strong crowd at the Mellon Center would like to have had it written, the Pens secured the victory on the backs of a strong team performance, with great defensive effort. Sidney Crosby notched up yet another goal, and another assist to top the Flyers 4-2, and send the game back to Philly with some heavy insurance.

For the NBA today, two great contests were in store for online sports betting, and the first game of the day between the LA Lakers and the Utah Jazz was AMAZING. Being the strong team at home that they are, the Jazz fended off an incredible comeback in the fourth quarter, and was able to win in Overtime on some fine free-throw making abilities across the whole Jazz team. Surprisingly enough though I was able to earn a little bit of coin back, as instead of wagering straight up at (read the review of, I chose total points, and cashed in with a jump for joy when the game went in to OT!

With one more game to try my hand at this weekend, I again took out another wager on the later basketball game, dropping a small wager at once again for the New Orleans Hornets to cover the points tonight. 100-80 as the final score would have been just fine had the Hornets prevailed�however, as they say, you can’t win ‘em all, and maybe for next year I might pass at betting on sports for Mother’s Day, as obviously my luck was not in line for Sunday. Hornets got crushed, series goes back to even, and we have more playoff games to wager on! However, when at first you don’t succeed, try, try again is the saying, and more online sports betting is in store for Monday, which will hopefully have a better outcome for me, and anyone else who had a rough day of betting on Sunday. It’s that time to dig around for some more sports betting advice for this writer, and to all of you I wish a quick and painless week of work, with hopefully some luck on your sportsbook bets for the week. Until next time, thanks again for checking us out at

Aaron G.