offers great playoff sports betting for Monday

Though Mondays are typically the day to hate out of the week, this Monday in particular happened to have plenty of action for sports fans, including great opportunities for wagering on playoff games in the internet’s best online sportsbooks. For me personally, I couldn’t resist making a couple of wagers on Monday’s NBA and NHL playoff games, which included the contests pitting Cleveland vs. Boston on the Basketball side, and Detroit vs. Dallas on the ice-side of things. Both of these games would be crucial in deciding who might have the upper hand in the series, or just get the series back to even ground. Taking my first wager of the evening at (read the review of BetUS), I placed a couple of wagers down across the NBA, NHL and MLB for a nice evening of kicking back, watching some sports on TV, and hopefully cashing in on a couple of wins later on this evening!

In some sports betting news for NHL Hockey, the Pittsburgh Pens have come out and stunned the hockey world by pushing the Philadelphia Flyers down 2-0 in their series, while Detroit could look to go up to a 3-0 lead over Dallas in their series. Both Pitt and Detroit are the superior teams in their respective series, however it certainly would be nice to see some competition for the conference finals! Taking nothing away from the great play of the Red Wings and Pens, who both deserve their series leads with great team play, it is still just a little aggravating having to watch these series come and go so quickly. The NHL is always great to watch come post-season time however this year’s playoffs seem to have come and gone so quickly! With that in mind, get out there to the top sportsbooks reviewed here to do some betting on sports for Hockey, since this season will be gone in only two more weeks!

With plenty more action ahead in our best online sports betting sites this week, make sure to get your wagers placed for Tuesday’s action, as more playoff basketball and hockey are in store, as well as the usual mass of Major League Baseball games. Check out our online sportsbook reviews, and find out even more information about our featured sports betting websites at There are plenty of online sportsbooks out there, but here is where you will find the absolute best, and most reliable of all of them. Until tomorrow, have a great night, and good luck in all your future sports betting.

Aaron G.