More post-season sports betting for Wednesday evening

You never really know what to expect in the postseason of any sport, and it is always true that no matter how big of a lead, or how long it is held, something can always change in just a blink of an eye. In Wednesday’s NBA playoff games, this could not be more true, as in one instance the Cleveland Cavaliers once found themselves close to gaining ground on Boston with a 2-2 series tie, however instead, the Celtics clutched up in the second half to take the win 96-89, and put the Cavs down 3-1 in the series. It has certainly been a roller coaster ride of a second round of the NBA playoffs, and the second game of the evening between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Utah Jazz has just gotten underway and should be another great game to watch tonight!

For tonight’s wagering action at our top sportsbooks reviewed here, I was off to, of our best online sportsbooks featured here. Taking the Lakers to defeat the Jazz at home at the Staples’ Center, I’m looking for the Lakers to close out the series at home, and push on to the Championship game. Pushing forward to the second half, the Lakers maintain a close edge 53-48 at the moment, and LA is certainly hoping that their star, Kobe Bryant, is not having the same back problems that hampered him in game 4 in Utah. Tonight’s match-up should come down to defense, and if Utah can keep LA under 110 points tonight, they have a legitimate shot to win. However, if Los Angeles keeps playing as they have so far tonight, it could be a long flight home back to Utah for the Jazz.

The great thing happens to be that sports and online sportsbook betting will go on regardless of one day of mishaps. Thursday is a new day, with plenty more betting on sports to be done, and new wagers to be (hopefully) won, and more great sports contests to pick and choose from at our best online sports betting sites featured at Tomorrow will see some betting on Major League Baseball, which will hopefully be a nice change of pace from the up and down carnival ride of postseason action. Once again thanks for choosing for all the best online sportsbooks and sportsbook reviews. Good luck and we’ll see you again tomorrow.

Aaron G.