Hockey and Basketball playoffs take center stage for …

It’s been a great playoff season thus far in the NHL and the NBA, and for Sunday the action only gets better for those of us looking for great online sportsbook action to wager on. Within these two sports leagues, we have gone from 32 teams down to only 5, as half of the Stanley Cup Finals match-up has been decided, and the NBA Conference Finals will be completely finished one way or another this evening! With my bets placed on both the Boston vs. Cleveland basketball game, and the Pittsburgh Penguins vs. the Philadelphia Flyers match-up, Sunday could turn out to be one exciting afternoon indeed. The stakes are certainly raised in both of these contests, as the series between Boston and Cleveland is in game 7 today, and the Penguins look to close out the series, which they lead 3-1 going into Philadelphia today. Adding to the excitement on Sunday, the Preakness Stakes from Maryland will see huge favorite Big Brown shooting for another piece of the Triple Crown puzzle, as well as a million dollar paycheck for a little over a mile long run around the track. Sportsbook betting will be a great source of entertainment for a lot of sports fans today, so make sure that you get a few wagers placed before the afternoon’s activities begins.

This weekend has been filled with great online sportsbook betting opportunities, and we have certainly seen some unexpected outcomes from many post-season games thus far. Yesterday’s exciting game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Dallas Stars was a perfect example of why NHL Hockey is such a great sport to wager on in our best online sportsbooks reviewed here at Dallas, faced with a 3-1 deficit rallied at home to win 2-1, which consequently busted my wager at However, as playoff hockey or any other sport’s post-season play can go any which way on any given day, the teams that are expected to win don’t always follow through. Someone always has to lose in the playoffs, and we just hope we aren’t the ones betting on those teams when it comes time to do some betting on sports!

I’ve certainly had and up and down performance in this year’s spring playoff season, however it has been a great learning experience for me. What I have certainly learned is that there is no sure bet, and learning about as much sportsbook betting advice as possible isn’t even enough to fully secure a win online. It takes a long time to understand the day-to-day fluctuations of teams in order to make the best online sportsbook bets possible on a given day. With that in mind, make sure that if you are betting on sports, especially in the post-season, that your research takes advantage of the great mountain of information found all over the internet in order to make educated wagers on any given game. This can be a great hobby for any sports enthusiast, especially when you use the resources found at our best online sportsbooks to help pick your winners.

Aaron G.