Do or die time to make the NBA, NHL finals on Monday night

Unlike most Mondays, where going back to the daily grind often supercedes any sort of excitement for the rest of the day, this Monday was a great day for betting on sports, specifically with the big game 7 in NBA basketball between the San Antonio Spurs and the New Orleans Hornets, as well as game 6 between Dallas and Detroit in NHL hockey Conference final action. The focus was betting on sports for Monday is clearly centered on a few selected games, however with no lack of excitement and great online sportsbook betting opportunities to be had today, there is plenty of possible sports wagers to suit your fancy this afternoon and evening. To start the day’s sportsbook betting off right, a wager on the NBA would certainly be necessary, so heading to one of our best online sportsbooks at (read the review of BetUS) seemed appropriate. In the Spurs vs. Hornets series, I will have to go with playoff experience as the backing for my wagers, and as such take the Spurs to win the Conference Finals match-up, even as they are heading to New Orleans for game 7 tonight. Either way this one gets sliced, it will be an incredible game played down to the last second, and the talent exhibited in this series has been enjoyable to watch in each and every game. Chris Paul and Tony Parker have each led their teams to a showdown between two opponents deserving of their time in the post-season. No matter what the outcome of today’s game, you can be sure that the NBA finals against the awaiting Boston Celtics will be an outstanding competition, with great opportunities for betting on sports.

Major League Baseball has had some great wagering opportunities on our featured online sportsbook gambling sites, especially as sports fans have been treated to a bit of inter league play in the usual mix of action. The hype for Monday was certainly on the Cubbies vs. Astros contest, as both teams are out of the season’s starting blocks with plenty of success. A few other baseball games round out a somewhat slow day for Major League baseball, however any day is a good day when you can get a few bets together across a couple of sports leagues, and potentially come away with some extra cash in your online sports betting account!

Sportsbook betting for the week will only continue to get better, as more NBA Finals games will keep coming up, as well as a definite match-up in the Stanley Cup Finals by the end of Wednesday night (if necessary). Look for more online sportsbook betting to come on our featured websites at, and don’t miss out on all the great action in the NBA, NHL, and MLB that betting on sports brings to sports fans this week.

Aaron G.