NBA Conference Finals wagering, Stanley Cup Finals for …

With the playoffs winding down in the NBA and NHL, whenever there is a game being played I get especially excited to hop online and place a few wagers on my favorite online sportsbooks listed on For Saturday, it’s back to NBA and NHL wagering, where the Boston Celtics look to gain back some ground against the Detroit Pistons, with the series deadlocked at one game apeice. This is going to be a difficult wager to place tonight, as neither team is the dominant team in the series; however Detroit is always tough and knows how to fight at home, and should be desperate to get a win in game three tonight. There is a pretty tight set of betting types available for this game, with the Celtics favored to win, but only with a 2 point margin on the line. I’ll have to go with the total points in this game, posted at 180 on’s website (read the review of Sportsbetting), and hope that there won’t be any anemic scoring tonight between the two teams. With a 5:30 p.m. tip-off this evening, I’ll have a few hours to kill before the game, and the excitement begins.

My luck for hockey has certainly been better than it has for the NBA playoff games this year, and I’m starting to think that the rest of the Stanley Cup season could turn out to be quite profitable the way things are going. In fact, as this update is being written, the Detroit Red Wings have just handed the Pittsburgh Penguins a 4-0 defeat in the opening game of the 7 game finals, and has a lot of online sports betting enthusiasts probably scratching their heads a bit. With only putting up 19 shots on goal, the Pens just couldn’t get their main scoring threats loose while at the other end Detroit was able to systematically pick apart the Pittsburgh defense. Definitely not a great start for the Pens, but a pretty good start for those who chose the Red Wings to win the first game!

Elsewhere in the world of sports, baseball games just getting underway include the Cardinals vs. Dodgers in Los Angeles, Boston vs. Oakland, and Cincinnati vs. San Diego. I’ve taken out a couple wagers on these games today, and can’t wait for the great pitching duel in California between Josh Beckett and Justin Duchscherer. There’s really nothing like betting on sports and then getting to have a relaxing day off on a long weekend. For all of your placing online sports bets, I wish you the best of luck today and through the weekend, and make sure to catch that NBA playoff game tonight, which should be a great one. We’ll see you again tomorrow, and thanks for checking out for great online sportsbook reviews, and the best online sports betting sites to choose from.

Aaron G.