NHL Stanley Cup Finals, more Major League Baseball action …

Tonight is definitely a game that no sports fan will want to miss out on. It is Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight between the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins, and you can be sure that the Igloo in Pittsburgh will be rocking out for this one tonight! With a 2-1 advantage, the Red Wings look to take 1 game from Pittsburgh at home, which would essentially be the nail in the coffin for the Pens with the series going back to Detroit 3-1. However, With Sidney Crosby getting it together in the Game three victory a few days ago, and the Pens starting to show some life again, this game will no doubt be a highly contested, very physical match-up. With Detroit’s veterans getting an extra days’ rest for this one, it’s actually quite difficult to wager against them, as I give them a solid advantage in this game, even if Pittsburgh is at home. There are only a few more hours until game time, so definitely make sure to head over to one of our top sportsbooks and get your wagers placed, no matter which way you decide to go!

With the anticipation for a great hockey game set for this evening, I have also taken out a few wagers for Major League Baseball at Superbook.com (read the review of Superbook), which is one of my favorite sportsbooks on our site. It’s a bit more of the same for me this weekend, which includes betting on the Cubbies, Mets, Red Sox, and the Angels. I really want to start betting more on my hometown Seattle Mariners, but with them close to last in the league, and playing a equally poor Detroit team that managed to sweept the M’s last series, that makes it a tough gamble. For today, I’ll be leaving them out of the wagering and continue hoping that the four-team parlay bet will score some extra cash for me by days’ end. Look for a bunch of great pitching match-ups today, and certainly check out the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the New York Mets, as 23 year old Chad Billingsley goes for the boys in blue, and is certainly going to be a bright addition to the Dodgers’ staff hopefully in years to come.

This weekend has great opportunities for betting on sports, so get your bets in order and enjoy all the excitement that online sports betting has to offer. The top sportsbooks reviewed here at Casinoreview.org have been time tested over and over again, and you can rest assured that your online sports betting experience at our featured sites will not disappoint. We’ll catch up with you again tomorrow, good luck, and thanks for dropping by!

Aaron G.