May is underway with exciting sports betting every day!

There is always something refreshing about getting to a new month, and the month of May is sure to be an especially fine month for betting on sports at the top sportsbooks found on the web. For today not only is it close to the start of another weekend, it also marks the start of even more games in the next round of the NHL playoffs, the coming close to the first round of the NBA playoffs, and even more great action in the various Futbol (Soccer in the US, yes) leagues around Europe. Not to forget the daily glut of great Major League Baseball games to choose from, fans around the world can find great games to help facilitate great sportsbook betting action each and everyday. Today is certainly a great day to hop on one of the exciting top sportsbooks reviewed on our site, and find out why sportsbook betting is a great hobby to accompany great sports action.

For starters today, its do or die for the Miami Heat, who face a crucial game six against the Atlanta Hawks. At home, the Heat certainly stand a good chance to even the series, and force a game seven, as long as Dwayne Wade can continue his highlight reel performance of a season into the game this evening. Always a sucker for a game 7 showdown, my money is on the Heat tonight, taking the first wager of the day at (read the review of Superbook), and hoping this game turns out with a big win for Miami. With this, and the pending game 7 between the Bulls and Celtics tomorrow, make sure to check out a couple of these NBA wagering opportunities, as games like this just don’t come around every day!

For action in the NHL, look no further to the games taking place between the Ducks and the Red Wings, and the Bruins vs. the Hurricanes, each in game 1 action Conference Semi-Final play. In Major League Baseball, its 15 more great games for wagering on, so find the best sportsbook bets you can, and get into the action for Friday before it’s too late. Anywhere you turn to for great sports action, be sure to also check out one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here for an even greater chance to get into the excitement of playoff season each and every day. Have a great weekend, and thanks as always for checking out!

Aaron G.