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Now that the first full month of baseball has once again already come and gone, online sportsbook betting for Major League baseball has become a little bit easier for wagering on, and has seen some unexpected teams come out of the blocks strong. For starters, the Cincinnati Reds, a team that is perennially near the bottom of the National League, looks poised to be a sleeper playoff contender�if it weren’t for the fact that the postseason in still a good 5 months away. Standing with a 13-12 record, including a now 9-5 road record after beating the Florida Marlins on the road last night, this Reds team is on my list of ‘watch-out’ teams this year. The post All-star break run of this team will certainly show whether I’m correct in my hype of this team so far, however coming up in the Seattle area�I always like an underdog!

I’ve also always been a huge fan of parlay wagering, especially when it comes to baseball. For some reason, this seems to be the quickest and easiest way to earn a good chunk of change with very little money committed in the sports books. Going over to the great website at earlier on Tuesday (read the review of Superbook), first bets start with the more likely winners (in this case Toronto, San Francisco, and Milwaukee), then threw in the Boston Red Sox to once again beat the New York Yankees, with Josh Beckett back on the hill tonight. I couldn’t be more pleased to get into MLB games now that you are able to use some established stats to back you wagers, and as this first parlay bet of the day gets placed on Major League Baseball, I’m one excited sports betting fan right now! Sticking to three and four team parlay wagers always have worked will for me over the years, if only because it gives the opportunity to take out a wager under ten dollars (in this case five bucks) and turn it in to a substantial gain (for this bet, a little better than 20 dollars).

With all the great playoff action happening this time of year, look once more today to the NBA and NHL games for betting on sports, as the Hawks and Cavaliers face off, as well as the Nuggets and Mavericks. The Canucks and Blackhawks reach a crucial game three in a tied series, and the Ducks host the Red Wings in more Western Conference Semifinal action. With these games and MLB baseball in heavy supply each and every day, it’s almost impossible not to find great action online at the top sportsbooks reviewed here on our site. Until tomorrow, have a great night, and thank you again for checking out the best online sportsbooks here at

Aaron G.