Weekend bets make for a great time at PlayersOnly.com

It’s turning out to be another great weekend in the exciting world of online sports betting, and Saturday’s action in our best online sportsbooks will only work to maintain the notion that no matter what type of sports wagering you typically like, there’s always a great time to be had when it comes to playoff betting on NHL Hockey and NBA Basketball. For Saturday’s key NBA match-ups, two games were in store for potential sportsbook bettors, including the Cleveland vs. Atlanta and Denver vs. Dallas contests. With my sportsbook wager at Playersonly.com (read the review of Players Only) picked to take Cleveland with line, and Dallas to finally get their first win at home, I hope to make out with yet another favorable outcome on Saturday, as I’ve managed to drop a couple wagers in the last two nights for the NBA playoffs�you definitely lose some along the way when betting on sports, however it’s making the big bets to get up on the positive side that sometimes makes online sports betting as exciting as it is!

Sports fans looking for more great playoff action for sportsbook betting on Saturday should look no further than the two game 5′s between the Vancouver Canucks and the Chicago Blackhawks, as well as the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington Capitals; two series that have taken all the ups and downs and twists and turns typical of NHL Hockey playoffs. It’s been a couple of high scoring series so far, so count on more big goals, high-light reel action, and tough hitting throughout the games. Make sure that if you’re betting on sports tonight, these two games get your attention, as every game is crucial at this point in the Conference Semifinals.

Look for more great online sports betting for English Premiere League Football on Saturday, and make sure that you check out the bevy of contests available before the day’s round of sports betting is up. Heading over once again to Playersonly.com, my wagers are placed for Liverpool to win with the line over West Ham, West Brom over Wigan and Everton over Tottenham. With this big action in Football, betting on sports rounds out a great day all around, so join in the excitement right now at Playersonly! Make sure to get your online sportsbook wagers placed for Saturday, kick back and enjoy the exciting post-season action, along with all the football and baseball that is sure to keep sports fans on the edge of their seats for a while to come!

Aaron G.