Falling off the saddle, getting back on for sportsbook …

As the NBA and NHL playoffs roll on, there are always great betting opportunities to be had at our best online sportsbooks featured at CasinoReview.org. Tuesday continues that same pattern of excellent sports match-ups, with more great online sports betting action featuring the NHL and NBA playoff games. For tonight’s sports book betting, I’ve chosen Superbook.com (read the review of Superbook) as my online sportsbook of choice, as it has been one of the luckier sites for me in past wagering activities. To get this day going, I’m wagering right now to see the Vancouver Canucks hold on in their series, after dropping two games in a row. For the Pens vs. Capitals game as well, a possible game 7 will be on the horizon dependent on the outcome today, and always a fan of the absolute final game of the series, I’m rooting for Washington to come up with a win on the road to force what will no doubt be a great spectacle for the world of playoff sports.

With basketball in nearly the same position game and series-wise (two games tonight, both at 2-2), if the NBA is your game of choice, you won’t want to miss out on these games for betting on sports today. The Lakers have been embarrassed thus far by the Houston Rockets, and I’m certain that the homecoming they will get tonight will be a big help to getting them back to their winning ways. Expecting big points in this game tonight, and hopefully a big Laker win, my bet at Betus.com takes the Lakers with the line, and also an over wager on total points. Switching to wagering on the Orlando vs. Boston game, I’m looking at Orlando to turn the tide with a win on the road and go up 3-2 in the series. Now only time will tell whether these wagers turn out, but that’s part of the fun right?

Online sportsbook betting for the postseason has certainly been an exciting, and intense time for this writer in particular. With the match-ups becoming harder and harder to wager on successfully, relying on any and all sports betting advice and stats has become essential to placing winning bets. Do yourself a favor if you plan on betting on sports for this week, or any week for that matter; check out all the possible game information you can, look closely at the match-ups, and then choose your best online sportsbook bet to place. Good luck in your sportsbook wagers for today and tomorrow, and we’ll see you again soon.

Aaron G.