More post-season sports betting for Wednesday evening

Wednesday is a bit of a solemn day, especially now that the Conference Semifinal games in the NHL and NBA are quickly coming to a close, meaning less playoff games watch and wager on in the top sportsbooks found on the internet. However with only one game in store for the NBA tonight, and a game 7 in NHL Hockey Eastern Conference playoff action between the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins, great sports action can still be found for playoff betting, and I for one am already into the action down at (read the review of One of the best sportsbooks reviewed on our site, you can always count on as I do, for any of your online sportsbook bets you wish to place. With placement on the networks of Yahoo! Sports and ESPN, a trustworthy site, and gets my vote for one of the easiest places to place your bets anywhere.

For today’s online sportsbook betting, I’m taking the Denver Nuggets to finally close out the series by defeating the Dallas Mavericks at home in front of an always-rowdy crowd. I’m looking for the Nuggets to further close out the series in big fashion, as my wager takes the Nuggets with the line tonight. Over to the NHL game, I still can’t believe this great series has gone to game 7, but it’s time for the Pittsburgh Penguins to show their colors with a big win on the road. I’m often reluctant to wager against a home team, especially in a game 7, however I have to go with my gut in this one, as my gut says that the Pengiuns are currently the best left in the playoffs. Make sure to checking into both these games, along with any of the other great games in store in Major League Baseball betting as well.

The great thing happens to be that sports and online sportsbook betting will go on regardless of one day of mishaps. After losing a few more wagers over the past two days, I welcome Wednesday as a new day, with plenty more betting on sports to be done, and new wagers to be (hopefully) won, and more great sports contests to pick and choose from at our best online sports betting sites featured at Tomorrow will see some betting on Major League Baseball, which will hopefully be a nice change of pace from the up and down carnival ride of postseason action. Once again thanks for choosing for all the best online sportsbooks and sportsbook reviews. Good luck and we’ll see you again tomorrow!

Aaron G.