Last day of playoff wagering for a few days�place you …

With two game sevens in store for NHL Hockey, two potentially deciding game sixes in NBA playoff basketball, and 12 games in Major League Hockey for betting on sports, needless to say Thursday is yet again another sweet day in a fantastic month of online sportsbook betting. The action starts today in the NHL after a quick and painful death to the Washington Capitals by the hands of the Pittsburgh Penguins last night brought to an end yet another playoff series. They’re fading fast folks! Today, look no further than heading over with me to (read the review of for hockey wagering, as the Boston Bruins clash with the Carolina Hurricanes, and the Detroit Red Wings host the pesky Anaheim Ducks, both for what will be very exciting game 7 hockey action tonight! A frequent visitor to, I rely on it’s ease of wagering, good customer service, and overall simplicity of navigation to be a winner in my stable of sportsbooks. If you haven’t tried out this site for yourself, do yourself a favor today!

Other great betting on sports for Thursday includes Major League Baseball games galore; giving sports fans plenty to choose from at our top sportsbooks reviewed here. The constantly impressive Los Angeles Dodgers take on the Philadelphia Phillies today, in what should be the best contest of the day. However, for sportsbook betting, check out the Chicago Cubs against the San Diego Padres (e.g for the over total points, or the line), as Ryan Dempster will keep the Padres’ runs down, and the Chicago bats hopefully will light up whatever comes out of the Padre bullpen. I love seeing the Toronto Blue Jays favorites over the New York Yankees, but with C.C. Sebathia on the hill and looking to turn his team back at .500, even on the road I’m reluctantly going Yankees. Don’t get me wrong, I think the pitching match-up makes the Yanks a good pick for sports betting today�but I for one am always reluctant to wager on a team I’m supposed to dislike naturally, and want to see lose�

Anyways, for today, last but certainly not least by any means, the NBA will have two very exciting game in store for basketball fans, as the Boston Celtics once again look to close out their series with the Orlando Magic, and the Lakers look to do the same against the Houston Rockets. Going to, I have already wagered on this game taking Boston to finish off Orlando to head towards another Conference final showdown. With plenty of other sports book action in store for this weekend, it won’t be hard to find some great contests to wager on, so get your wagers placed today for all the great weekend action soon! Thanks again from us at, your home for reviews of the best online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer.

Aaron G.