Monday’s sports betting action at

With the NBA basketball playoffs on hiatus for Monday, online sports betting enthusiasts can still find great NHL action, and Major League Baseball throughout the day, and there is no better day to get into betting on sports than on a day with playoffs! For online sports betting today, it’s time for a trip to one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, at (read the review of Tried and tested, I count on this online sportsbook weekly to facilitate at least some of my betting on sports, and as part of my main stable of sportsbooks, this site certainly ranks amongst the best. And with Baseball and NHL Hockey playoffs today, I’m licking my chops at the great match-ups found at already.

Now I understand that I keep pushing the Hockey as a great sport to wager on, and that it’s not a sport everyone is usually intent on wagering on, such as UEFA Football, English Premiere league, NBA basketball or MLB baseball; however NHL Hockey playoffs are one of the most exciting spectacles to witness, with hard hits, lightning fast action, and poetic foot work that would rival those prancing around at the Joffrey Ballet. However this ballet, composed of brutish men carrying wooden sticks and hitting a hardened rubber puck all while strapped to metal blades, is just about the most entertaining sporting event I’ve ever seen. I’ve played Baseball, Football (European and US), Basketball, Rugby, and any other games made fairly popular, however Hockey confounds me. Regardless of whether I grew up with it or not (and can’t skate worth anything as it happens to be), I respect the talent, the speed, and the intensity of one of the craziest and brutal games around. If you haven’t checked out this sport, check out tonight’s opener of the Conference Finals, with the Pittsburgh Penguins taking on the Carolina Hurricanes. With the likes of Sidney Crosby for the Pens and Eric Staal for the ‘Canes on the ice at the helm of things, this is guaranteed to be a fast series indeed´┐Ż

With a little time left today for online sports betting, check out the sportsbook wagering at for MLB Baseball as well, as the series between the Angels and Mariners, Brewers and Cardinals, and Mets and Dodgers should be enough to whet any sports betting fans’ appetite. With my online sports betting done for the day, it’s time to wait for the Eastern Conference Finals to start, and meanwhile enjoy a few of the earlier games in MLB action today. Enjoy your betting on sports today, and as always good luck!

Aaron G.