Western Conference finals in the NBA, NHL make for great …

Tonight marks another special day in the sports world, as the NBA Playoffs kick off the opening round game of the Western Conference Finals with the Los Angeles Lakers taking on the Denver Nuggets. With the Lakers hosting the first few games of the series, tonight’s game is a crucial starting point for both teams. The Nuggets will look to nab a game from Los Angeles early, to guarantee at least a split in LA before heading back home. Conversely, the for the Lakers it is almost essential that they get game one at home, just to set a good precedent, with a cheering home crowd behind them. With this game in mind, the first round of online sportsbook betting has me taking the Lakers to win, with an added wager for over on total points. I expect to see lots of shooting, and stars shining in the opening round, and there is no brighter star in the game than Kobe Bryant. With that in mind, Sportsbook.com (read the review of sportsbook.com) gets the action for the NBA today, and I’ll look for Mr. Bryant to put up some big numbers tonight.

Switching over to today’s other Western Conference final for NHL Hockey; check out the Chicago Blackhawks vs. the Detroit Red Wings in Game Two of their 7 game showdown. Down a game already in the series, the Jonathan Toews-led ‘Hawks need some scoring, and now. There is only so much Chicago’s superb goalie Nikolai Khabibulin can do to stop the likes of the Red Wings’ experienced scoring squad. For my sportsbook betting action in hockey today, it’s the Blackhawks as the underdogs for me, as they just have to win this game. Admittedly biased as the ‘Hawks took out my Canucks this year, I’m holding on to the idea that I won’t feel as bad about Vancouver getting bumped, so long as Chicago takes it all. I don’t expect a lot of scoring with the likes of the “Bulin Wall” in goal for Chicago, or Chris Osgood in goal for Detroit. If you watch this game, the goal tending alone is something to watch from, especially if you’re anything like me, and can hardly stand on ice!

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Aaron G.