Playoff sports betting tops the excitement of online …

With a long weekend ahead, sports fans can relax (hopefully) one extra day before heading back to work, and for the meantime enjoy the great offerings found at the top sportsbooks for all the great games taking place over the next few days. After a wild end to the Cleveland Cavaliers v. Orlando Magic game last night, sports fans should be ready for more, as the Los Angeles Lakers head to Denver for game 3 of what is sure to be a well-contested series on both ends, all the way through. Wasting no time, I’m off to (read the review of Superbook) for betting on sports today, and the LA vs. Denver game is number 1 on my list of games to watch and wager on. After dropping Game 2 to the Denver Nuggets, hopefully LA will learn to put their big guys in the paint at the same time, and control the boards as they have been so good at doing all year. Make sure that in your online sportsbook betting today, you check out this game, and one of the top sportsbooks reviewed,

For a quick turn to the NHL, the Carolina Hurricanes face a critical Game 3 tonight at home, after losing the first two games of the series. After seeing Evgeni Malkin’s performance on Thursday, and realizing that on any given night, there could be 3-4 different stars for the Pens team, I just don’t see how Carolina gets even in the series, or even wins one more game. Pittsburgh is like a team possessed right now, and between the superstar attack and the fantastic goal tending of Marc-Andre Fleury, look for the Pens to win tonight, with a fair amount of goals scored between the two teams. As always, NHL playoff hockey can provide sports fans with an exciting alternative to the usual NBA, MLB, and European football league offerings. Check out this game today, and see what I’ve been babbling about for years!

To cap off another great day of betting on sports, the Major League Baseball Inter-league schedule presses on, with more great opportunities to see teams from both leagues square off against one another. I’m always a sucker for league gimmicks like this, so I for one have a few wagers placed at for MLB baseball, and can’t wait for the games later on today, including the Phillies v. Yankees showdown, and the Angels and Dodgers. Join in on all the fun and excitement of online sportsbook betting today, as the action is always great at, and playoff games are not to be missed!

Aaron G.