NBA Conference Finals game 5 highlights sportsbook …

Last night was certainly one fantastic post-season spectacle across the NBA and the NHL, as the both the Lakers and Nuggets contest, and the Stanley Cup Conference Finals showdown between the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks both had some of the best playoff action so far this year. I was certainly hoping that my online sportsbook betting would pay off with a win for the Chicago Blackhawks, since I always want to see as many playoff games in a year as possible, however for the series, as well as my wager at (read the review of the Detroit Red Wings took advantage of a Chicago team that just couldn’t mesh together at the right time, and couldn’t figure out an all-around better and more experienced Red Wings team. With the Stanley Cup Finals now secured, and a rematch between Detroit and Pittsburgh getting underway this weekend, hockey fans will definitely have something to cheer for again soon!

On to the main sports action, in the NBA tonight the Cleveland Cavaliers are up against the wall, but luckily at home, with the Orlando Magic carrying a commanding 3-1 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals series. Even with the advantage, the Magic have a lot to overcome to advance to the NBA Finals, as anyone knows the Cavaliers are a great team, especially with the likes of LeBron James at the helm of things. With the game underway at 6:30 pm PST, there is still plenty of time to jump on to one of our top sportsbooks at and place a wager for this match-up. I’ve gone over to (read the review of for my wager this evening, and I certainly expect this game to be tight up until the very last second. However, if anything is to be said about this match-up, it’s got to be two things: 1) Home court advantage for Cleveland is huge (39-2 during regular season play) 2). No one wants to see a series like this go down in 5. My call; Cleveland gets the win tonight to force game 6 and make this one an interesting series yet.

Betting on sports for the playoffs has been a great ride this spring season, and I for one have certainly learned a lot by just perusing the online sportsbooks and checking out the myriad of sports betting advice offered up around the internet. There is a tremendous amount of information available for those looking for some sportsbook action, and it’s never bad advice to hunt down as much information as possible before placing your bets. Check around our featured online sportsbooks here at, and don’t forget to catch the Cavs and Magic tonight, as it should be another great game to watch!

Aaron G.