Sunday features NBA, NHL playoff wagering, more exciting …

There’s always an added dose of excitement for online sports betting during any playoff season, and with two playoff seasons in action throughout the month of May with the NBA and NHL, as well as plenty of sports betting on Major League Baseball and English Premier League Football, right now is one of the best times for heading to an online sports betting site, placing your bets, and getting into the exciting action going on right now! To close out another fine weekend of betting on sports, we’re making a trip to one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, at the Bodog Sportsbook <"">read the review of Bodog Sportsbook. A staple for the sports betting community for years, as well as one of our top rated online sportsbooks, Bodog has what you need, when you want it, with great wagering opportunities around the clock, along with a great website for wagering, researching, and just plain having fun online. For your online sports betting action on Sunday, look no further than the best at Bodog sportsbook.

With a Game 7 in the NBA playoffs today overlapping a Game 1 of the next round of play, it’s an interesting day for betting on sports on basketball, with two exciting games worthy of your sportsbook wagers. First, the Atlanta Hawks look to finish off a close and unexpectedly tight series with the Milwaukee Bucks, and judging by the deflating performance at home by the Bucks in Game 6, you can pretty much stick a fork in them for Game 7 on the road. Milwaukee had their chance, and instead of coming out swinging, came out with one of the lowest scoring games in their playoff history. Lacking the inside presence and experience needed to hold out on the road in what will be an electric atmosphere in Atlanta, we’re betting on the Hawks to close out the series, and move on to the 2nd round of playoff action. Speaking of the 2nd round, oddly that also gets underway with the Los Angeles Lakers hosting the Utah Jazz at Staples Center today. Looking at Phil Jackson’s record in playoffs after winning game one (which is perfect, btw), Utah better come out swinging with everything Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer and company have, or history definitely does not side in their favor.

For Hockey action on Sunday, check out the exciting Game 2 match-up between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Montreal Canadiens, as well as the San Jose Sharks vs. Detroit Red Wings. Both games today should be close match-ups, with our votes going for Montreal to shake off the cobwebs and even the series behind Jaroslav Halak, and San Jose nipping Detroit on home ice for a 2 game advantage in the Western Conference Semifinals. In Major League Baseball, find the closing game of series’ across the league, as 15 games should give you more than enough options for wagers on baseball at the Bodog Sportsbook. Last but not least, remember to squeeze in your bets for exciting English Premier League Football (especially for the Liverpool v. Chelsea match, which should be a treat), and enjoy the remainder of the weekend with all this exciting action for betting on sports at any one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed right here at

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