Back to the playoff action, back to online sports betting …

With the new week flying by at a pretty good clip, sports fans reach the midway point of the week with plenty of exciting opportunities for betting on sports at one of the top online sports betting sites reviewed at For continued playoff bets on Wednesday, we’re treated to an additional 3 games, 1 in the NBA and 2 in the NHL, which should make for a great start to wagering at one of the best reviewed sportsbooks at Players Only <"">read the review of features a host of sports betting choices for your wagers today, so whether your game is basketball, baseball, hockey or football, find out about all the great chances available today with a visit to this great online sports book.

To get started with sports betting online on Wednesday, Game 2 in the NBA Western Conference Semifinal between San Antonio and Phoenix should be a great way to begin bets today, as the Spurs will seek to even the series after the first two games at Phoenix. The betting is close on this one, with the Players Only sportsbook offering the Suns at -140, -2.5 points on the line, and a total point’s margin set at 205.5. As it seems all teams put up big numbers in Phoenix (including the Spurs who even managed 102 points in the loss on Monday), we’re liking the over wager on total points once again, and to make things interesting, we’ll also take the Spurs to win with the +120 on the money. With further bets available in NHL Hockey Conference Semifinal action, check out the offerings on the Vancouver vs. Chicago game, as well as the Boston vs. Philadelphia Flyers game. The Canucks come in the favorite today for betting on sports, as do the Flyers (both skating on home ice), and we’re liking the Over wagers on total points (5) for the Flyers v. Bruins match, and under (6) for the Canucks vs. Blackhawks contest. However, do your research to decide which bets make the most sense for your online sports betting today, and get into the exciting action as soon as possible!

As the Major League Baseball season continues, find a constant supply of great sports betting choices every day, including great series featuring classic match-ups and exciting outcomes happening everywhere. For today, pay special attention the Cardinals vs. Phillies, with Brad Penny getting a favored start, the Twins vs. Tigers kick off another game in their action-packed series, as well as Barry Zito who looks for a 5-0 start as the San Francisco Giants face off against the Florida Marlins. With a pair of English Premier League matches, as well as two pairs of Major League Soccer matches to boot, find all the right bets no matter what your favorite sport is, quickly and easily at one of the best online sports books at today.

Aaron G.