Thursday wraps up NBA Conference Semifinals, more MLB …

After a wild day of sports on Wednesday including a seven game series wins for the Montreal Canadiens over the favorite Pittsburgh Penguins, and a forced Game 7 in the series between Philadelphia and Boston, NHL action is on hold for a day before wrapping up its Conference Semifinal games tomorrow. However, while NHL Hockey remains on hiatus for another day, the Eastern Conference Semifinal Game 6 between Cleveland and Boston gets underway, and could be the last time fans see LeBron James rocking a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey. After a shameful exit at home on Tuesday in a huge 32 point loss and a chorus of Boos at home, today is do-or-die time for the Cavs, who face Boston tonight having dealt with two days’ worth of hometown and nation-wide scrutiny over the future of the franchise. How funny two days’ in the playoff can change everything. Nonetheless, we kick off online sportsbook bets on this Thursday with Game 6, taking wagers out at the Bookmaker Sportsbook read the review of Bookmaker Sportsbook.

With wagering pretty much split right down the middle for Cleveland and Boston today, offers further action for betting on sports on Major League Baseball, featuring 8 games for wagering on this afternoon before the game starts. The game of the day for baseball fans has to be the continuing series between the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees, who split an exciting double-header yesterday, and look to face off with two great pitchers today as Justin Verlander starts opposite big man C.C. Sabathia. In another interesting match-up, Oakland faces Texas in an AL West showdown, as Ben Sheets tries to get back on his game after a rocky season start (2-3, 6.38 ERA), against up and comer C.J. Wilson (3-1, 1.51 ERA). While Oakland sits just under Texas for tops of the AL West early this year, their sluggish performance on the road might aid in their undoing today in Arlington, but we’re going out on a limb and backing Sheets one more time to try and ride a come-around performance in today’s game. Another pitcher looking to get back to winning ways is Johan Santana for the New York Mets, who gets a good pitching match-up against Josh Johnson and the Florida Marlins. With the Padres vs. Giants and Rockies hosting the Nationals today as well, while there is less game on the plate for online sports betting, there is no shortage of great betting choices as good pitching and great team match-ups should make for some fun and exciting showdowns later this evening.

With just one more day of Conference Semifinals remaining for both the NBA and NHL, make sure to head to one of our top online sports betting sites, such as, and place your wagers before all the playoff games dry up for the spring season! Check out more Major League Soccer action, the upcoming Flyers vs. Bruins Game 7 match-up for Friday, and as always, thanks for stopping by our website for reviews of the best online sports betting sites found anywhere!

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