Monday sparks a new week of betting on sports at …

To kick off a new week of online sportsbook betting here at, we look ahead to some great games in store for today, and for the week to come, as the Stanley Cup Finals continue today, the NBA Finals gets underway on Thursday, and as always Major League Baseball speckles the sports betting landscape everyday to give you plenty of options for online sports bets. For our venture into the stack of wagers available for today, we’re visiting one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed at the sportsbook (read the review of, which features easy options for betting on any type of game available, as well as a very clean and navigable website on which to wager any day of the week. With Game 2 on tap for the Philadelphia vs. Chicago final in the Stanley Cup playoffs on the horizon, and with 13 games for baseball as well, we’ll break down the best bets available to give you a little insight into what’s possible for betting on sports.

For Hockey, it’s a big test for the Philadelphia Flyers taking on Chicago at home once again, and after Game 1′s wild and crazy 6-5 finish, expect a different animal to come out for Game 2, as inevitably adjustments will be made, and two great goalies will no doubt tighten up after the Game 1 jitters. Michael Leighton and Antti Niemi are keys to this game today, and there’s a few ways to wager that might reflect the changes that get made to each teams’ playing style that should shut down the unrelenting flow of goals notched on Saturday. So, as we look across’s options for this game today, total points is an instant lure at 6 goals, and while the favored team happens to be Chicago once again, there is little doubt that the Flyers scrappiness will amount to covering the 1 goal differential, and possibly even result in a series-evening win. We’ll play conservatively and take the under wager on total points, and count on a great and close game for later on tonight.

Moving to Major League Baseball today, there’s plenty of action to get excited about for betting on sports, including a great pitching duel between Ubaldo Jimenez (looking for win #10 already) and Tim Lincecum as the Giants and Rockies do business in a late game on the West Coast. Continuing action in the National League finds the Atlanta Braves looking to keep the Philadelphia Phillies in their current downturn while heading towards a possible 1st place seat in the NL East. With Joe Blanton struggling this year generally for the Phillies, it’s a great pick for the Braves today at home, and keep an eye out for some run production as the Braves have a good chance to put up big numbers at home today. With Andy Pettitte on the mound at home for the Yankees, the Indians find themselves in a tough spot even with Mitch Talbot pitching well, so certainly look to throw the Yanks into a parlay wager for an added boost (even if the odds aren’t too favorable for making big money). Look for more action as the Blue Jays and Rays do battle in the AL East, the Minnesota Twins look for their 5th in a row against the Mariners, and the Cardinals and Reds should be putting up big numbers today with heavy hitters on both sides. Enjoy all the betting action available in baseball and hockey this afternoon, and as always good luck!

Aaron G.