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Though the weekend always seems to come and go far too quickly, at least for this Sunday sports fans can bask in the glow of some great playoff action set for the afternoon and evening, as the NBA Conference Semifinals continue on with two pivotal games and much drama around the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles series, which can be wrapped up by the impressive Mavs tonight in a sweep on home court. Not to mention the continuation of the exciting series between the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks, which at this point appears to be anyone’s series to take, basketball fans will certainly be in for a great day of online sports betting at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed on our website, and a couple of treats to enjoy to close out another solid weekend of sports. We also must take note of the NHL playoffs that march forward on Sunday as well, with a possibly decisive Game 5 taking place in the Western Conference Semifinal series between the San Jose Sharks and the Detroit Red Wings. Add in a hefty dose of 15 Major League Baseball games, as well as 3 matches in the English Premier League including perhaps one of the most important games in the title race between Chelsea and Manchester United, and you’ve got one heck of a lineup on the betting lines to help you get into the excitement today!

We’re pushing towards another one of the all-time best sports betting sites reviewed for our wagering expedition on Sunday, in the form of the Sportsbetting sportsbook (read the review of, a regular in our cycling in between and around the top sportsbooks found anywhere on the web. First up for wagers, we look to the NBA Conference Semifinals and the Dallas Mavericks vs. Los Angeles Lakers as the game bringing the most draw for the playoffs in the U.S. today. It’s do-or-die time for Phil Jackson’s Lakers, who look to avoid being swept out of the playoffs in what possibly is the last game in an illustrious career for the 11-time champion Jackson. As we’ve watched this series progress, it’s been startling to see the Lakers’ fail defensively down the home stretch, as well as witness this veteran team look completely uninspired on the court and with little unity in their approach to overcoming adversity. Kobe Bryant has looked like less of a leader than ever, playing relatively flat footed through the first three games, Pau Gasol has been an almost non-entity, and the bench scoring is nowhere to be found. With Dallas riding high and looking to close out at home, Bryant needs to be the veteran floor general tonight if the Lakers are to withstand the Mavs well-rounded scoring attack with offensive production of their own, otherwise the offseason could be filled with lots of discussion around what to do with the Lakers going forward into the future. I simply can’t find footing to stand on in order to wager on the Lakers right now, and in this decisive Game 4, the first wager on the day hedges towards Dallas closing out with the difference once again being their fantastic bench play led by Jason Terry, Peja Stojakovic and mighty-mite J.J. Barea.

On to Game 4 in the series between the Chicago Bulls and the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta seeks a bounce-back game in order to even the exchange at 2 games apiece, and simultaneously snap a 9 game home losing streak in the playoffs that has lasted over the course of 15 years. After getting blown out in Game 3, the prospects for Atlanta staying competitive in the series may be dimming a bit, and wagering on them to cover the underdog points spread may be a long shot, but nonetheless we’ll shoot for a rebound performance and more desperation by the Hawks to at the very least close the gap near the end of the game to make it an interesting showing. No doubt the inside play in the paint and the defensive effort will need to improve for Atlanta, as will the efforts from Al Horford, Joe Johnson (10 points each in Game 3), not to mention avoiding another 40-plus performance like the one the Bulls’ MVP Derrick Rose pulled on them on Friday. With neither team playing deep into their benches in the first 3 games of the series, it’s coming down to the abilities of the stars to shine and come up with wins, and for the series we still maintain Chicago has the better squad, with more consistency leading them to the Eastern Conference Final ahead.

Moving along to action in the NHL Conference Semifinals, once again the veteran Detroit Red Wings stand with their backs against the wall as the San Jose Sharks host them at the HP Pavilion for a critical Game 5. With the Red Wings finally gaining a clutch victory at home to avoid elimination, the momentum seems to shift into Detroit’s favor, even though they remain down 3-1 in the series. With the Red Wings in better form on the road late in the year, no doubt they’ll retain plenty of confidence on the road tonight, and with San Jose needing to close out at home to avoid sending the series back to Detroit for Game 6, the impetus lies more on San Jose to avoid a loss, and therefore we’ll expect both sides to be attacking as the best form of defense in the game. The Sharks will need goal scoring to contend with the Red Wings stars who look to be heating up, namely Nicklas Lidstrom, Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk, so look for Joe Pavelski, Joe Thornton and Dany Heatley in need of a good game if San Jose is to prevail. We’ll look for a 1-goal game either way, possibly extending in to overtime, and for kicks we’ll push a wager to Detroit to win and make this series all the more interesting.

With a few more bets ready for placing at the sportsbook, we turn over to games in the English Premier League, as Manchester United looks for its stranglehold on the title if they can win at home against Chelsea, and with the confidence Man Utd. has coming in and playing at home, look for the Red Devils to pick up a win and essentially secure their English record 19th first division title over Carlo Ancelotti’s side, consequently putting the Chelsea manager’s future in doubt (as owner Roman Abramovich has a serious distaste for failure). In another interesting tie, Stoke City host Arsenal in a match where, if Arsenal wins and Chelsea manages a victory as well, the title could become all the more interesting with the Gunners and Blues tied at 70 points, and Man U. at 73 heading down the stretch. With these two last-ditch efforts from the trailing sides, Arsenal likely has the better chance of pulling a road victory off, but will need to show more aggressive form in order to win against a confident Stoke, who is preparing for their FA Cup Final against Manchester City on May 14th. Lastly for online sports betting today, find plenty of great action around Major League Baseball, with interesting games pitting Philadelphia against Atlanta, San Francisco looking to sweep Colorado, and the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers providing some initial options for betting on sports around the MLB. Until tomorrow, enjoy all the great sporting events on tap, and good luck in your wagers at or any one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed on our site!

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