NBA splits Conference Semifinals, Finals, more sportsbook …

With another exciting weekend coming to a close, we look ahead to Sunday as the NBA Conference Semifinals wrap up with Game 7 between Memphis and Oklahoma City, and the NBA Conference Finals kick off in the East as Miami and Chicago start what is sure to be one of the most watched, and anticipated series in this year’s NBA Playoffs. After what has been a pretty exciting couple of days while waiting for continued playoff action, today will certainly be a great cap to a fun weekend of online sports betting, especially with the addition of the opening game in the NHL Conference Finals placing the Vancouver Canucks against the San Jose Sharks in what is likely to be one of the most well-matched series so far this year. For Sunday’s action across the various sports leagues, we’re plugging away at sportsbook (read the review of, which is undoubtedly one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed at, or found on the internet in general. Finding action from the NHL to the NBA playoffs, English Premier League Football to Major League Baseball and much more, there’s no doubt that whatever your fancy for online sportsbook betting is, you can be sure to find it at one of the most diverse and wide-ranging sportsbooks on the internet. Being one of the longest-standing sportsbooks in the business at almost 20 years of service, you can count on the solid reputation built by as the leading online sports betting destination to guide you towards some great bets, placed with confidence.

To get wagering started today, playoff action is definitely the focus, as Game 7 in the NBA Western Conference Semifinal will put the Conference final match-up in line this coming week, with Dallas waiting impatiently to start their next series. With the Memphis Grizzlies bouncing back on Friday to force Game 7 at Oklahoma City, it’s anyone’s game tonight as the series has been a back-and-forth affair from the start, and stars have been tough to find consistency game in and game out. After a rough outing in Game 6 for Kevin Durant, who finished with only 11 points on 3-14 shooting, no one can expect him to falter at home tonight, and along with Russell Westbrook, we’ll look for the rebound performance to favor the home team, taking OKC to finish off the Grizzlies as they come up with yet another plan to hold down the big men of Memphis, Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. Looking forward to Game 1 in the Eastern Conference Finals as well (why the NBA hosts the Semifinals, and Finals in Conference Playoffs is anyone’s guess) the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls get down to business in South Florida, with many looking to this series to be the best out of all of them this NBA playoff season. We’ll hedge a wager on the Bulls tonight, as their depth has us in favor of the Bulls at home or away, considering that Miami is now very evenly matched across the starting five, and has little options down the line for substitutions to make a difference. We take Chicago as the eventual winner in this series, but prepare for some tight defense to keep the point total down as both teams feel each other out tonight, and look forward to great action in this 7 game series ahead.

Flipping over to NHL for the opening game in the Western Conference Finals, we love the match-up between the Vancouver Canucks and the San Jose Sharks, with both teams playing aggressively throughout this years’ playoffs, each having outstanding defense, and big hitting lines. For the first game of this series, taking place from Rogers Arena in Vancouver, we’ll look to a continuation of this year’s scoring trend to dictate the game, with both of Vancouver’s Game 1′s ending with a shutout for Roberto Luongo. Though we can’t expect a shutout once again, we can expect Luongo and Antti Niemi to be on point for the opening game of the series, and keep the scoring to a minimum behind two outstanding blue line units. Of note for this series, Vancouver must get the Sedin twins going to balance out the scoring attack, as no doubt San Jose has Ryan Kesler pegged by planting Joe Thornton across the way from him, and San Jose must find a way to slow down the fast-paced Canucks attack, who have shown amazing energy and an ability to bounce back after going behind no matter what the situation. Expect a 1-goal game either way, under total goals, but we’re going with the home team to pick up the win tonight, as the Canucks keep up a frenzied approach to both offense and defense, while San Jose gets frustrated trying play their more hard-edged game which should get evened out by the equally hard-hitting Canucks tonight.

With even more Major League Baseball action in store at as the weekend series come to an end, there’s plenty in store for baseball fans to get into the online sports betting action, especially as Boston tries to finish off a series sweep of the New York Yankees, Roy Halladay is on the mound for Philadelphia as they battle the Atlanta Braves, and Texas and the Los Angeles Angels battle for the final game in their series as the AL West looks to be a showdown between these two teams throughout the season. Make note as well today that English Premier League Football is on tap as the action winds down for the season, as a host of great matches including Tottenham vs. Liverpool, Newcastle vs. Chelsea and Arsenal vs. Aston Villa get underway shortly. Find all the top games available for wagering at Intertops Sportsbook, and enjoy a great Sunday of playoffs and all the rest of the games around the wide world of sports!

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