Premier League, Serie A play wraps up, more Baseball, …

With another great weekend of sports wrapping up on Sunday, it’s a fitting day for wrapping up two of the most exciting sports leagues in Europe today, as the English Premier League and the Italian Serie A come to a close, putting some of the best European football to rest for a few months. Though the end of any sports season is always somewhat of a down note for sports fans, and those looking for a wide variety of options for online sportsbook betting, today’s final games will no doubt give plenty of reason why you should stay in touch with two of the best football leagues in the world, as champions get crowned, and especially in the Premier League, the relegation battle will show just how important it is for teams to stay in the top flight, and how much is at stake for many teams in play today. In something unprecedented for the Premier League flight, 5 teams battle to avoid the drop into the Championship division today, as Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Blackpool, Blackburn and Wigan all put their fates onto the pitch, and can control their own destinies with victories on the final day. It’ll be a fierce battle even to pick up goals today as teams also hinge on goal differentials in a tie-breaking scenario, and if you have a chance to check into a few of the matches today, you’ll find out why this game, in England, is one of the most exciting and enjoyable sports with one of the best fan bases in the world. Thus, for kicking off the wagering today, we’re off to another of the best online sports betting sites at the sportsbook (read the review of, taking a few opening wagers out for the matches on the pitches across Europe, already anxiously awaiting the next season of play with a handful of new faces coming into the top level of competition.

With the NHL Conference Finals winding down, Sunday’s match-up between the Vancouver Canucks and San Jose Sharks could signal a turning point in the series one way or another, as with a Canucks victory they’ll head back north up 3-1 in the series, but a loss would put the Sharks back in the momentum, and assured a return trip to the rowdy HP Pavilion for one more game. Discipline continues to be key to this series, with Friday nights’ game giving San Jose the edge as the Canucks played an uncharacteristically sloppy game, getting tagged with 10 penalties in a 4-3 loss. However, the Canucks still could have muscled through the lack of control, had they gained an advantage after a crucial 5 on 3, but a failed power play led to the eventual Sharks win, and a much more important Game 4 tonight for the Canucks on away ice. That being said, the Canucks ability to improve after losses, as well as their quickness in adjusting their defense as well as overall game plan has been key to them getting this far. They are the better team in this series, and have generally only faltered after their own mistakes, giving the Sharks key power play opportunities that have been really their only place of offensive production. If the Canucks stay out of the penalty box, they win games. Tonight, with more disciplined play, they take Game 4, a 3-1 series lead, and a chance to close out at home next Tuesday.

For Major League Baseball on Sunday, plenty of games should fill up your betting ticket easily, as there are some great contests slated for Sunday afternoon worthy of putting a few wagers on. Interleague play continues onward with some interesting match-ups around the league, including the Boston vs. Chicago Cubs contest featuring Tim Wakefield against James Russell likely to amount to some serious run scoring as the BoSox look for their 8th win in 9 games. Also for today, the Subway series concludes between the New York Yankees and Mets as Ivan Nova faces Mike Pelfrey, King Felix Hernandez looks to give the red-hot Mariners a series sweep of the San Diego Padres, as will Jonathan Sanchez for the San Francisco Giants, who can also sweep the A’s today from Pac Bell Park. Make sure to also catch Game 3 of the exciting NBA Eastern Conference playoffs as the Chicago Bulls head to Miami to face the Heat tonight, in what is likely to continue to be a back and forth series with a Game 7 showdown all the more likely after each game is played. All around the sporting world find great action like this for betting on sports, enjoy the remainder of the weekend with great games ahead to watch and wager on, and as always, thanks for stopping by for sports betting updates and wagering at the best online sportsbooks found on the internet.

Aaron G.