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With the NHL Conference Finals on hiatus for one more day as we await the definitive Game 7 showdown between the Boston Bruins and the Tampa Bay Lightning, sports fans can turn their online sports betting attention to the Western Conference Finals Game 5, as the Miami Heat look to finish what they set out to do at the beginning of the season; take the Big Three of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to the NBA Finals. They’ll of course have to do it by beating Chicago for the 3rd straight time, at the United Center in Chicago, but with all the momentum on the Heat’s side, and the Bulls recent inability to finish games in the late stages, Miami starts to look better and better as the team that can accomplish a close-out victory on the road tonight. Either way you wager tonight, make sure to get a bet placed at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here, as once this series is over, there’s only a maximum of 7 NBA games to wager on left this season! Concurrently with this springs’ playoffs winding down towards the end of what has been a pair of great sports seasons in both the NBA and NHL, sports fans will have to become more accustomed to seeing just Major League Baseball on tap for betting on sports regularly. As such if you haven’t spent too much time focusing on the MLB, now’s a great time to get into the game as most teams have established their playing styles for the year in order to help you pick winners day in and day out at one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here. Speaking of one of the best sportsbooks, for today we’re taking wagers with the sportsbook (read the review of which as always features all the great sports betting choices each and every day, and does it with a great website, great customer support, and plenty of bonus opportunities for piling up more cash towards some future wagering.

With Chicago hosting Miami at home tonight, it’s clear what the go-to wagering option will be for Thursday, and what’s at stake for the eventual winner of the contest this evening. If Chicago wins at home, they’ll have to win another 2 straight games, starting back in Miami for Game 6, which no doubt would be a tough task in and of itself. In order to come out victorious today, Chicago will have to get leadership from its MVP, Derrick Rose. While all 3 parts of the Big Three from Miami have played critical roles in this series (including the Heat bench, which most predicted would be non-existent), the Bulls have really be unable to string together solid performances at the same time, aside from their Game 1 victory at home. Also, the Miami defense has shown itself to be much stronger than anyone could have expected, holding Chicago to a frustrating 84 points per game (including Game 4′s overtime total). No doubt that everything in this series can basically go out the window tonight stats-wise, as both teams know the implications of winning this game, however the one constant that looks to remain is that defensive side of the game. Expect the pace to be slowed down as Chicago tries to keep Miami from controlling the pace of the game, and look for a tight finish that favors Miami to finish out with a clutch win. While I root for Chicago (with no real stake in either team) to extend the series and the exciting NBA playoffs by at least one more game, we’ll look to nabbing a wager on the underside of the total points posted at, and prepare for a fantastic Game 5 tonight.

For Major League Baseball this Thursday, look for a slightly reduced offering of just 8 games across the league to broaden the horizons for online sports betting, with a number of interesting team trends to follow heading into the weekend. Perhaps one of the most exciting teams this week, the Boston Red Sox, head into a match-up with Max Scherzer and the Detroit Tigers, looking to continue their high-scoring ways after dismantling Cleveland 14-2 yesterday. Boston has surged to the top of the AL East after a dismal start to the season, using their newly acquired offensive weapon, Adrian Gonzalez as the key, the bats lead the way to a series victory over Cleveland, as well as going 8-2 in their last 10 games, making them incredibly scary for any starting pitcher unlucky enough to face them. In another solid series today that reaches its finale, the San Francisco Giants and Florida Marlins battle, with the Giants trying to avoid a home sweep, after losing their All-Star catcher Buster Posey with a broken ankle on a crash-bang play at home plate with the Marlins’ Scott Cousins last night. Expect a low-scoring battle as solid pitching will likely dictate the outcome of the game, with two very hot pitchers on the mound as Annibal Sanchez faces Ryan Vogelsong tonight. Check out the match-up in Philadelphia as the Phillies host the Cincinnati Reds with Cliff Lee on the mound, with both teams getting very little rest coming off a 19-inning match-up last night that saw the winning pitcher for the Phillies come from 2nd Base to pitch for the first time in 9 years (Wilson Valdez), and both bullpens heavily depleted. Both Lee and the Reds’ Homer Bailey will look to go deep into the game to give some rest to their bullpens, however with the veteran Lee in action, our wagers have to fall on Philadelphia to nab a win at home tonight. Look for a couple other MLB match-ups worth wagering on at as the Chicago White Sox head to Toronto for a 4-game series starting today, Arizona tries to nab 3 of 4 from Colorado in the series finale today, and Baltimore looks for its 5th win in a row at home against Kansas City today. As always, good luck in your wagers at any one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed, thanks for dropping into, and we’ll catch you again soon for more online sports betting updates!

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