NFL Sunday, big surprises and a few disappointments

It was that time of the weekend again, and I don’t know about you, but it seems like every Sunday of the NFL football season seems to come and go way too fast. My inner clock has me up and placing bets about an hour before the first games of the day start, and it seems that within hours the Sunday night game is over, and work will start again soon. Bleh to that. Today happened to be a little rough for me at our featured online sports betting site at On an especially sad day for a Seattle Seahawks fan such as myself, for the first time in what seems to be a while, the ‘Hawks get beat by the Cleveland Browns. OT or not, the Seahawks are showing just how mediocre they are, and the Browns are proving they are a force to be reckoned with�at least at home. They are 4-1 at home, and 1-3 on the road. Good times. To go along with this opening game that had me dropping a few dollars back into the coffers at, I just had to see if Detroit could pull out yet another victory at home, where they look to go 4-0 against a less than perfect Denver team. I will admit that I’m surprised at the 44-7 stomping that the Lions handed the Broncos, but what’s even more surprising is that Jon Kitna’s prediction of a playoff bound Lions team is actually looking very good. other great sports betting opportunities at our top sportsbooks, which will be worth the while of any sports fan to check out.

In the games today, there are a couple of good match-ups worth checking out, including the contest between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. With Green Bay visiting Arrowhead Stadium, I certainly had my doubts on whether KC might or might not have a superstar showing from one of their backs. However, what turned out was a late rally by the Packers, who posted 17 points at the end of the game to grab their 7th win of the year. I’m nothing but impressed with the drive of this team, and find myself betting on them every week. At 7-1, they are certainly a good bet by now�Bret Favre is pulling out all the stops this year, and it is certainly showing that he wants to go out with a bang before retirement. Certainly not the same ho-hum Bret Favre of last year�

For a few added online sportsbook bets today, I decided on taking the Patriots to get a win against the Indianapolis Colts who played host at the ever-so-noisy RCA Dome. I personally thought that the game was going to be a lot less of a contest, choosing the Patriots to win without blinking an eye. What turned out, with Peyton Manning costing the Colts the game, was much closer than I had expected. Nonetheless, New England marches on to 9-0 and once again looks as though no one can beat them. Any which way you look at it, or how you chose to do your betting on sports, it was another great day for sports, and for betting on sports at our best online sportsbooks here at Enjoy the evening, and good luck in all your sportsbook betting for the week to come!

Aaron G.