Wednesday night Hockey and Basketball action at …

Wednesday night starts out with a trip to one of our best online sportsbooks, and getting in on some NHL action. Going to (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), my first wager of the day would be between two in-state hockey rivals, Philadelphia Flyers vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins. As in-state rivalry games always seem to bring great sports action and more bang for your wagering buck, this match-up should certainly be no different as finally Philadelphia has put together a great team, and the Penguins have the high-flying youngster, Sydney Crosby. The Flyers are going to win tonight, as retribution for 8 games that they have dropped against the Pens dating back to January of 2006. Although the Penguins are good, the Flyers already look like playoff contenders this year, and I have them to win with points tonight at Mellon Arena. Either way, my wager placed on this contest marks up a notch in the win column as a few wins last night means free money today, and getting to watch a great game on the NHL package.

For the basketball wagering this evening, I can’t bring myself to bet on my Seattle Sonics against the Memphis Grizzlies, and that is saying something. The Los Angeles Clippers go for their fourth win in a row to start the season, as they take on Pacers this evening. San Antonio gets the surprisingly slow starting Miami Heat, which I’ll take the Spurs for a parlay wager at I also have to take Cleveland tonight against Utah, which will be an either way call, and has me a little nervous as the game gets underway. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Cavs get the better of the Jazz on their home court, and going on gut instinct might be a little risky, but whatever. Its five bucks, and its fun to venture a little outside of my normally conservative betting box once in a while.

For the last wager in the NBA tonight, I’ve got to bet again on Rashard Lewis and the Orlando Magic who have started off looking very good. I’m hoping that it’s another good outcome as I’ve chosen the Magic to win with the points, finishing off my NBA betting for the evening. I managed to have some good luck yesterday with online sports betting on basketball, so I’m anxious to see if I can get a little hot streak going before the weekend starts and football needs all my money again. Enjoy another great night of online sportsbook betting, and all the sports action for your viewing pleasure.

Aaron G.