Monday Night Football!

Tonight I’m excited for the Seattle Seahawks vs. the San Francisco 49ers game to get underway, as Seattle plays host and is predicted as the favorite to win. has been featuring the sports book and casino at (<a href=””>read the review of Players Only</a>), and I must say�it really is a fantastic site, aimed specifically for the beginning gambler, with all the options that all the best online sports betting sites would provide. also offers easy options for starting your account, as well as tailored bonuses and promotions that can give you some easy money just for dropping a deposit!  Tonight’s line posted by gives the Seattle Seahawks the advantage on the money line, and the points look good to take the under bet at 41.5. Taking in to consideration the combination of the Seattle strong defense of late, and the poor performance in general of the struggling 49ers team, this should pretty much guarantee that Seattle is a good bet on the spread, and the point total should stay down with the Seahawks home crowd always pumping up the D. I’ve placed my modest 10 dollar bet, and look forward to watching the game. Let’s hope it’s a low scoring affair!

To tell you more about, I must disclose that this is actually my second time using this site. I have previously been an account holder for a long period of time, and have greatly enjoyed both the sports book as well as there fabulous casino.  The downloadable casino lets you match up at a large multitude of betting levels, and even offers an extra 20 bucks just for creating a profile! That compounded with the bonuses for frequent play mean that the more you play, the more money you are entitled to by just playing the games offered!

If you are a beginning gambler, or have just decided to start looking into online casinos or sports books, is certainly one of the right places to learn about online gambling. I can’t say enough good things about this site from previous experiences (the fact that my outstanding account balance is in the positive may weigh a little on my raves) and from the ability of the site to keep a very high standard of customer support, especially when it comes time to collect your money. No one likes to have their money tied up when they could be using it to place bets, or using it to win that big stack on the tables. So enjoy the game if you choose to watch it tonight, and please check out if you have the opportunity. I promise you will be very satisfied. Until tomorrow, thanks for reading, and thanks for using for all the best online sports betting reviews and links to the finest in online gambling and entertainment on the internet.

Aaron G.