A profitable Tuesday makes for a great Wednesday of …

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Speaking of more money, Tuesday night turned out very well for sports bets (at least for this guy). While the L.A. Kings failed to contain the Anaheim Ducks in a shootout and busting my 10 dollar bet, the three team parlay won on NHL hockey featuring Atlanta, Montreal and St. Louis more than made up for the loss. Also taking place on Tuesday night and worth mentioning was the 7 top 25 teams in action in Men’s basketball, including a great NCAA match-up between Syracuse and St. Joseph’s, resulting in a victory on a late three point shot for the Orangemen. All the other top 25 teams emerged victorious, which seemed to be pretty predictable when considering the competition.

On another note, last night’s casino action was in full swing.Betus.com’s casino had many people crammed onto the Texas Hold ‘Em tables, which made for a fun and enjoyable time. Coming out about dead even after about two hours of play on the no-limit tables did not show how much back and forth action went on, but I did see my first Royal Flush (not in my hand unfortunately), which consequently wiped two people off the table at once. I was lucky to avoid this 5 card apocalypse, folding early even though I had a solid two pair to the river. You know what they say´┐Ż.know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em. Probably one of the best folds I have made this year so far.

For Wednesday, this writer is taking out a few more NBA bets, and I have to bet on the two worst teams in the NBA, the Seattle Sonics, and the Miami Heat. I’ve got to take the Sups tonight in this one, just because they haven’t won a game yet, and are due for one. The Lakers vs. Rockets game should make for good betting, as should the Orlando vs. Utah game, parts of a great Wednesday sports lineup. I want to wish you all happy betting on our featured sportsbooks and casinos, and hope that lucky breaks come your way as they have for me recently. Remember also that the weekend is just around the corner, and if you haven’t started getting your wagers in order for Saturday and Sunday’s football games, you will definitely want to do so soon. I’ll see you tomorrow and from us at CasinoReview.org, thank you for checking in with us.

Aaron G.