Monday Night sports betting after a great winning weekend

I must admit that going back to work doesn’t feel nearly so bad after having a long and prosperous weekend, and extra money in my online sports betting account. When you’ve got more money in both my online sportsbook and casino accounts than before you started that weekend, betting on sports for the actual week becomes all the more fun.  For me, I couldn’t have planned out my sportsbook wagering any better, as two out of three wagers placed on Monday paid off for me in exciting style.  Taking the total points in the Monday Night Football game between the Denver Broncos and the Tennessee Titans, it was a wild game ending with Denver scoring 4 touchdowns from over 40 yards out, and standing victorious at home 34-20. The total points were of concern for me, as the Titans are pretty notorious for low scoring games, however playing in Denver always seems to bring out the offenses in teams.  While my wager for NHL Hockey on Monday collapsed for the NY Rangers vs. NY Islanders game, I scored a win with St. Louis just clipping Nashville at home 2-1. I’ll take two out of three just about any day, and getting to watch of few of the games on television instead of being at work wasn’t too bad at all.

For Tuesday, there is action all over the sports world that will make for great sportsbook wagering opportunities.  The NBA is back in action today, and the NHL has plenty of games to wager on as well. The NCAA has a few great match-ups in store for college hoops fans, including #1 UCLA against #11 Michigan State, as well as a heated rivalry between Duke and Illinois. Also to be mentioned, the Oklahoma State vs. Marquette game should also make for a good time, even if Marquette is by far the superior team this year, and OSU has fallen from past glory.  The season is quickly showing which teams will be formidable this year, and wagering on NCAA basketball should make for an exciting time for any sports fan today and for many weeks to come. I for one have started to pay much closer attention to how the brackets might shape up, as I still have yet to win an NCAA pool! Thankfully, betting on sports at our featured sports betting sites have proved much more fruitful, and giving a few bucks to my friends on lost brackets is always better than coughing up coin to one of our top sportsbooks. If you by some odd chance haven’t gotten involved in the college tournament brackets before�you don’t wan to miss out again this year, and keeping track of team progress, even if it is early, is a very good idea for that. I would go so far as to say that this is the most fun wagering I’ve ever had involving sports, especially when you can get together a large pool of action for a big potential payoff.

This week, I’m off to catch a Lakers game on Wednesday night, followed by a Kings game against my beloved Vancouver Canucks on Thursday. I’ll certainly be placing bets for both of these games, as wagering in our featured sportsbooks and getting to see sports live is about as much fun as the sporting world has to offer. For us at, have a great shortened work week, and we’ll see you tomorrow with more exciting sportsbook and online casino action.

Aaron G.