Monday Night action at

One great thing about Monday nights during this time of year is that there is always at least one game across many different sports leagues to choose from. For Monday Night Football however, things shaped up to be some of the worst played football I’ve seen all year, driving my attention from the dismal Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Miami Dolphins game, to the more exciting leagues of the NHL, NBA and NCAA basketball. Going to (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), my first wager of the day would be on the Monday Night Game, and with a terribly unworthy game, Pittsburgh won as expected, albeit with no touchdowns scored. In the lowest scoring Monday Night game in history, a 3-0 victory was all the indication anyone needed to say ‘this game sucked’. That being said, elsewhere in sports there were plenty of other great opportunities to enjoy the online sports betting options offered at our best online sports betting sites.

Going back to the tables at seems like a great way to spend a Monday night, especially after winning a little bit of extra cash in the sportsbooks. If you have checked out this site at anytime before, chances are you’ve heard me raving about the Texas Hold ‘Em on this website and the great selection of play offered.  Play anyone, anywhere, for any amount of money you wish to wager. I still get a kick out of playing with people from around the world, who help make games part of an online community. The tables are often full at, which gives players a chance to hone their skills in tournament-style play at anytime of the day.  Being able to watch some games while playing online in our featured casinos is a great time to be had on any day of the week, and I’m stoked to be back on the tables tonight.  If you have the same love of the game for Texas Hold ‘Em as this writer does, come check out Not only is their casino a solid place to play, the sportsbook is well laid out and easy to navigate.

Back to the world of sports, the NBA was in full swing this evening, with a couple of surprising upsets. New York clipped Utah, and Sacramento got the better of San Antonio, as well as Golden State clipping the Phoenix Suns to close their 8 game win streak. I’m glad that my bets were full elsewhere Monday night, so that I didn’t have to take the punishment of all the lost wagers at the hands of upsets. However, I can’t wait for more NBA wagering tomorrow, and you can bet that I’ll be back here again with more wagering updates, and more sporting news. Until then, thanks for checking us out at, and have a great night.

Aaron G.