Tuesday night sports betting update

This week has to be one of the most exciting weeks in college basketball, as all teams within a fighting grasp of the NCAA tournament duke it out for the final seed positions left. Across the country, league championships are beginning, and some basketball teams have already been guaranteed a spot for the Big Dance. On Tuesday night, a handful of games were available for wagering on in our featured sportsbooks, and this writer decided to take a shot placing a few bets on the mid-major teams fighting for coveted seeds granted by winning league tournaments. With six ranked men’s basketball teams in action for the night, a couple of  parlay wagers taken out at Sportsbetting.com seemed like a fun way to test the waters to find a potential winning wager.  The game of the night, pitting #7 Duke against #20 Wisconsin turned out in my favor as my bet for Duke with the point spread came through easily in an 82-58 blowout. With home court advantage Duke was by far the superior team, and should help to improve their standing as one of the top teams in the nation right now. Since I only put up slightly less than 10 bucks on the wager, it’s no big deal if a big pay comes through, as any win is great in my books.

Elsewhere in sports for Tuesday there was exciting action in the NBA that made for a few solid potential wagering opportunities in our featured sportsbooks. I caught the overtime game between Boston and and Cleveland, as the Cavs managed to come from behind to beat the Celtics 109-105. It is amazing that the only losses of Boston’s season to date have been in overtime, indicating how big of a threat they really are. On the other hand though, the Cavaliers are also coming around after a somewhat slow start, and are beginning to play like the team that made a run for the championship last year.  There are plenty of great teams to wager on in NBA basketball, and I’m please to say that I’m above .500 for this year’s NBA basketball wagering at our top sportsbooks.

Sports action for this week will certainly be full of exciting wagering opportunities on our featured sportsbooks at CasinoReview.org.  I for one can’t wait for the start of the Pac-10, SEC, Big-12 and ACC Football battles that will all be taking place over the course of Saturday. Make sure that you get a chance to hop on an online sportsbook or two, because you certainly won’t want miss out on some practice wagering before the college football gets underway, as this will be the best football in the NCAA before the bowl games begin around the holidays. Check back with us tomorrow for more sports updates, and hopefully for myself and everyone else, better luck will be just around the corner. Have a great night, and thanks again for using CasinoReview.org for the best online sports books and casinos the internet has to offer.

Aaron G.