A Thursday night full of football, hockey and basketball …

It’s a solid night for online sportsbook betting, as there is action to be had around a few different sports leagues, with plenty of good competition to watch after a long day of work. For tonight’s Thursday night Football action (which for us without the NFL Network, we won’t be seeing), Football fans are delighted to what should be a high scoring event for at at least one of the two teams, if not both (depending on how new starter Brady Quinn does in his first outing) in the game between the Denver Broncos, and the Cleveland Browns. Jay Cutler had better step up to the plate, or he stays benched on my fantasy football team! Seriously though, with the questionable secondary of the Cleveland Browns (Denver has an equally sketchy defense all-around, so Quinn may even have a decent day) Cutler and his corps of Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal better do some damage. I’m going 35-21 Denver, and taking a trip to one of the tried and true online sports betting sites at Intertops.com (<a href=”http://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/intertops.html”>read the review of Intertops</a>), my online sportsbook bet is ready to go for football.

NHL Hockey and NBA basketball are just about all a sports bettor could ask for to go along with a good game of football. Even though for me the football game gets the spotlight, I like the idea of having a few games riding that I can flip between while the football game pans out. However, devoted hockey fan and basketball fan, and an avid bettor myself, I like spreading around the wealth when such great opportunities arise. I like the game between Portland and Houston in the NBA, with Portland in need of a good win at home to avoid a 1-4 start. With only one ‘home area’ team worth betting on these days (From north of the Seattle Area, need I say more), the Canucks have surprised me by being the only one of my favorite teams north of .500 after 10 games into the season. How sad. With that in mind, they deserve my sports wager today, at least they are at home tonight, and I’ve seen first hand what kind of advantage the Vancouver crowd is for it’s team.

I don’t know about all of you, but I can’t wait for this weekend to come! I’m heading out of town for a while, and am trying to cram as much betting on sports as possible at our featured online sports betting websites. Whether it is from the NHL, NBA, NCAA or NFL, sports fans can always find what they are looking for at our top sportsbooks reviewed on our site. Check out all the great wagering possibilities at our best online sportsbooks reviewed, and hopefully your Friday at work passes by with thoughts of sports betting and playoff games. Until then, thanks as always for stopping by and getting in to all the great sportsbooks and casinos on our site.

Aaron G.