NFL Sunday gets underway with more great online sports …

Well folks, we at are proud to say that the weekend is moving along nicely with great sports betting on all our best online sportsbooks, and Sunday NFL football is just about to get started. If you are like me and haven’t yet placed your bets for yet, you will definitely want to head over to one of our featured sportsbooks to find out where your wagers should go. The first game on Sunday matches the ever-strong passing attack of Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints against Matt Ryan and the surprisingly well-rounded Atlanta Falcons. The line goes to Atlanta at home in this one, but with New Orleans’ passing game looking to be fully back on line (after a bye-week to reincorporate Jeremy Shockey and Marques Colston) I like New Orleans in an upset today. Tennessee gets Chicago in what should be a gritty war of defense (as the Bears’ defensive weakness against the pass game shouldn’t really come into play with the run-centered attack of the Titans), Jacksonville better win against winless Detroit, and Seattle´┐Żwell, they don’t stand a chance against Miami today traveling to the East Coast. In this opening herd, I have to go with New Orleans, Tennessee, Jacksonville and Miami to start the morning, with wagering at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>).

The second wagering round of the day features the Green Bay Packers marching into Minnesota for what should be a great contest between two 4-4 teams. The Vikings, while exploitable in their pass defense, should force Aaron Rodgers to throw throughout the game in order to win, and if the Vikings can keep Greg Jennings and Donald Driver under wraps, it’s a win for the purple and gold today. My upset for the day though goes to Buffalo, who have played poorly of late, but I like the match-up of QBs to favor Trent Edwards over Matt Cassel and the New England Patriots. Remember the stomping Miami handed to NE at home? Well, no stomping here, but Gillette Stadium is no longer sacred ground for a less-than-stellar Pats team. For the last wager, a Steven Jackson-less Rams is just not going to work against a home Jets team. I give the Jets a 10 point margin in this one, which could turn into a blowout.

I encourage you to get out there and place those wagers for tomorrow’s game, because after all, the playoffs only come around once a year in the NFL, and this weekend offers the best match-ups to place bets on, considering the exciting action that will accompany any wager on game day. For the excitement to subside a little, I decided to head back over to (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) for some more Texas Hold ‘Em. I am hoping that I can get on a little roll, and kill a good chunk of time before the Monday Night Game featuring the NFC West with the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers. Thanks for checking in with us at for all of our best online sportsbooks and online casinos we review on a consistent basis. Check back tomorrow, and I hope that all your wagers turn out to be good ones, and if your home team is playing I wish you all the luck during these exciting football days!

Aaron G.