Football, Basketball and Hockey on tap for solid sports …

It’s officially fall today in sunny Los Angeles, California, and what better way to celebrate any actual change in seasons than with Monday Night Football! Tonight’s match-up is a battle of the best in what is undeniably the worst league in all of football; the NFC West. The Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers are tonight’s featured sportsbook wager, and for me, that means a trip to (<ahref=””>read the review of</a>), which is undeniably one of the best online sportsbooks offered on our site. Being lucky enough to catch this game with a favorable points total, I like the over wager tonight, as it might be anyone’s bet as to who is going to rule at the end of this one. However, Ken Whisenhunt is 9-2 out in the desert so far, and they’ve beat the likes of much better teams than the 49ers. I like Frank Gore, and I’m interested to see what happens with Shaun Hill, but otherwise, San Fran might as well be trying to lose for better draft position. One thing I do also know is that Kurt Warner is on fire. Look for that guy to put up huge numbers in a shootout tonight.

With Football underway, and just a little bit left for wagering with in my online sportsbook account at, there is just enough room for a few wagers on the two hockey games going on this evening, as well as a couple of the NBA games slated on the sportsbook boards. I’ve become accustomed to wagering on just about any Northwest division team when they play the rest, so I like Edmonton over the Rangers tonight, even though they are the visiting team. I’m also going to take Tampa Bay on the road, if only because they hooked me up last week on a road game, and I think the Caps will come back down to earth here in a bit. I do admit that I’m no Hockey scout, but with the league parity the way it is in the NHL, regression to the .500 mark seems destined for all teams in the league this year.

For the last shot of betting on sports today, the NBA is up and running with another chance for me to bet against the Oklahoma City Thunder! If you don’t know the back story�they stole my team. And I want them to lose 60 games this year. With that said, I like Indiana to beat the Thunder, Boston at home and Phoenix at home as well. I admit to being a safe player when it comes to the beginning of the season, however nothing makes it more worthwhile than low-risk wagering on a frequent basis that pays off in the long run! Either which way it goes tonight, enjoy your online sports betting today, and thanks for visiting the top sportsbooks reviewed on our website!

Aaron G.