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Thursday is already a great day in the sense that it is one day closer to Friday, which is one day closer to all of us not having to go back to the mindless daily grind of the work week. Being lucky enough to win my bets placed yesterday on our featured online sportsbook at (<a href=””>read the review of Players Only</a>), there is plenty more action to get into tonight, with some good games in the NBA, NHL, and NCAA College hoops action. For sports betting action tonight, it’s back to the tried and true online sports book at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), where a few 5 dollar parlays, and a few straight up bets will be front and center for my top sportsbook betting fill.

In a return to NCAA Football this Thursday night, the 23rd ranked Miami Hurricanes looked to stave off the Georgia Tech Hornets in an ACC match-up that brings back memories of two storied football programs.  Unfortunately for both of them there has been no noteworthy performance this year from either team, as neither has really become a contender in the past few years of NCAA play. What I can’t get around in this game, is the opportunity for Georgia Tech to pull off the upset at home. This game just reeks of it tonight, as Georgia’s running game, if it gets going, could steam-roll through a Miami defense that is in no way like it’s great defenses of seasons past. I would venture to guess this game will be close, however I like GT’s chances at winning this one, and have my money set for a Hornets victory tonight.

This is an exciting time for sports indeed. Not only are there a number of sports leagues in full swing or getting close to postseason, but the sheer amount of online sports betting has grown to epic proportions. Any day of the week, handfuls of great games emerged for online sports betting, which makes sports fans such as myself very happy. It is truly something to get excited for if you are an avid sports betting enthusiast.  Big off-season moves have contributed towards much speculation on a number of teams in the NBA, and it will certainly be interesting to see which teams’ trades have paid off in the long run. The NHL is always the fastest game around, and has great teams emerging to provide great sports betting action. All around the sports leagues you can expect great action to come, as well as plenty to choose from now, in our featured online sportsbooks at

Aaron G.