Monday Night Football, pivotal World Series Game 5 focus …

Online sportsbook betting is an enjoyable venture on most days, but on championship-pending days specifically, betting on sports can be one of the most exciting ways to boost an otherwise dreary Monday in November. With the MLB World Series Game 5 set for this evening, it’s do or die for the Texas Rangers, who dropped another game last night at the hands of a stellar outing from Madison Bumgarner, who became the youngest pitcher to throw 8 or more scoreless innings in a World Series game (going 8 innings of shutout ball, at 21 years old). Allowing only three hits, the Rangers simply had no chances to recover from the two home runs courtesy of Aubrey Huff and Buster Posey. For Monday Night, it could be the last chance for sports fans to watch and wager on Major League Baseball, and with Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum getting a rematch in this series, if it is to go out tonight, it’ll be with a bang featuring two of the best aces in the business. I can’t stand a series that goes out in less than 6 games, so for the first wager of the day I’ll root for Cliff Lee to bounce back off of an uncharacteristic performance to boost his Rangers to a 3-2 deficit heading back to San Francisco. Bodog Sportsbook (read the review of Bodog Sportsbook) gets my wager for the game today, and aside from the Rangers to win, I’ll take another bet on the under wager for total points, after getting shelled on the under wager the first time these two met up. Hopefully lightning doesn’t strike twice, and hopefully for baseball fans, we’ll have a little more left in the tank to keep the season alive and more exciting towards the eventual close of another great year of MLB Baseball.

An exciting match-up for Monday Night Football is in store for NFL Football fans tonight, as the Indianapolis Colts try for redemption after getting run over by Arian Foster and the Houston Texans in Week 1. A shoot-out in the making, count on this game to be a great addition to your stable of online sportsbook picks today. In a game such as this, I for one like to turn to the quarterbacks, and look for Peyton Manning to get the better in this game, taking apart a collegiate-level group that is the Houston Texans secondary. Count on Foster to once again have his way with a pretty poor Colts defensive line, but for the Colts to have even more opportunities for big plays in the air, to even the season series at 1 game apiece. For wagering at today, I’ll take the favored Colts to cover the spread, but also like the under wager on this game, as both teams should try to limit the same offensive explosion that occurred the first time these two met up this year.

With even MORE great sportsbook betting opportunities taking place today in the NHL, and the budding NBA season, count on Bodog Sportsbook to be a quick and easy way to place your bets on all the latest and greatest games taking place right now. With three games available in each the NBA and NHL, there’s prime pickings for parlay wagers today, and looking to the NBA first, I’ll put money on Portland to continue to 4-0 on the road against Chicago (minus Carlos Boozer), Sacramento and Toronto to light up the scoreboards going over total points, and the Spurs to beat the Clippers on the road. For the NHL, I have to take my Canucks at home against the struggling Devils, Chicago on the road in a pretty tough match-up against the Rangers, and the Flyers over the Hurricanes as they continue to surge as I expected the first few weeks out. If you haven’t gotten in to the newly started sports seasons, and haven’t wagered on the World Series or NFL football showdowns taking place tonight, now’s a great time to check out one of the best online sportsbooks, and find out what all the rave of betting on sports is about!

Aaron G.