Week 9 NFL sports bets, great picks for NBA, NHL, Soccer …

I’ve said it many times before, however once again I feel the urge to proclaim my love for Sundays during the NFL season, especially with a bevy of sports betting options to be had at one of the top sportsbooks, and nothing to do but sit on the couch for hours on end ingesting each game available on the NFL Network. As Week 9 rolls around with a very different landscape than expected at the beginning of the season, sports betting on NFL football remains a challenge, albeit perhaps the most consistent way to make money betting on sports on any one of the top sports betting sites reviewed here at Casinoreview.org. With bye weeks nearing conclusion next week, we’ll have only one more week with 2 fewer games on the docket, however with 13 games (including the Monday night match-up between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati) in store for sportsbook bets, the very first move of the morning has to be a trip to one of the top sprotsbooks reviewed for a series of wagers on the most exciting, or the best-looking match-ups of the day across the league. For picking bets today, we’re visiting the great online institution at the Oddsmaker sportsbook (read the review of Oddsmaker.com), a favorite amongst the best-of -the-best sports betting sites, and starting off with our best picks for the NFL today.

Like any football fan, I love the potential for a good shoot-out. As such, look no further than the San Diego vs. Houston game, taking place down in Texas as one of the early offerings. Houston has the league’s worst pass defense, against the leagues’ most prolific passer, Phillip Rivers. On the other side however, Houston looks to use its formidable ground attack led by Arian Foster, along with its strong aerial play at home to try and keep the Chargers subdued in the wins column for yet another week. Something has to give here however for the 1st ranked offense and 1st ranked defense of the Chargers, and if they can muster a decent special teams performance today (at least not a horrendous one as has been their downfall this season), I like the Chargers on the road today. In the NFC South, a big battle between two 5-2 teams, the Atlanta Falcons and the Tampa Bay Bucs should be a solid game to check out, however I still don’t buy the claims of Tampa’s head coach Raheem Morris, who claims his Buccaneers to be the best team in the South. On the road at Atlanta, I’d keep quiet and just hope for the best, but by giving the Falcons even more reason to take it to the young Bucs, I have to side with Atlanta to win at home and cover the point spread at Oddsmaker sportsbook. Moving on to other good games for the NFL worth wagering on, I like Green Bay at home against the reeling Cowboys (Yo Jerry Jones, just pull the plug on Wade already please), Baltimore at home against Miami (I’ll take Matthew Berry’s stance and remain ‘Wacco for Flacco’ in this game too), and the Raiders at home over Kansas City. With plenty of further options for you to take a look at in the NFL, get your best picks ready before the day of action starts in just a couple of hours.

Completing the offerings for betting on sports today at Oddsmaker sportsbook, look over the top games in store for the NBA, which has another solid night of action available for watching and wagering on, as well as the NHL, which holds 4 contests tonight, and a big Conference Semi-Final match in MLS play between the Los Angeles Galaxy and the Seattle Sounders. In the NBA, the Lakers are at home against Portland looking for 7-0 overall (whom I just can’t wager against, have you seen this Laker team play this year?), Houston could very well get its first win at home against Minnesota, who are undoubtedly not as good of a team as the Rockets are, Boston starts a road trip at Oklahoma City, and Atlanta also defends its unbeaten streak at home against Phoenix. I like Golden State on the road at Detroit and the New York Knicks to win at home against Philadelphia. Look for the best game in the NHL to be the match-up between the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals, with both teams rolling right now and looking for their tenth win of the year. Further, 3 English Premier League matches are included for sportsbook betting possibilities, with the key match of the day between Chelsea and Liverpool. Check out all the betting choices, make your best picks for a great day of sports on Sunday, and find out why Oddsmaker.com is a great sportsbook to check out, and comes fully reviewed and recommended after years of interaction with our staff at Casinoreview.org.

Aaron G.