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Whether you’re taking part today in the Thanksgiving festivities today or not, this Thursday is a great day for Football fans especially, as we don’t have to wait until Sunday for the exciting action of the National Football league to get underway! With three games today scheduled for the NFL featuring some of the usual Thanksgiving suspects, it’s a great chance to take advantage of some online sports betting, on a day that is typically quite slow by comparison, as many leagues choose to take a rest for the most part in order to let their players spend time at home. However, there’s really nothing better than a relaxing day to sit at home and watch the featured games of the day, and to add to the excitement, why not drop a wager on each of the three NFL games scheduled today, in order to make a nice holiday a bit more profitable? For today’s action, we’re hitting up the Bookmaker Sportsbook (read the review of Bookmaker Sportsbook), a tried and true member of the top flight of online sports betting sites reviewed here on our site, and taking out a handful of wagers where available, and definitely dropping a bet or two for each of the three NFL games on this rare Thursday of action. If you haven’t yet checked out Bookmaker Sportsbook, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ease of navigation, solid bonus opportunities for initial deposits and eventually the relatively simple ways to withdraw your monies and continue wagering with incentives generated from continued play on their great website.

Looking to the three games in the NFL today, we’ll start with the first on tap, as the New England Patriots head to Detroit to try and avoid getting upset by a team with nothing to lose today. Though the Lions likely will use every trick in the bag to try and rack up enough points to keep pace with New England, right now Tom Brady is playing all too well, regardless of what offensive weapons he has at his disposal, and likely will take control of the game through the air against a weak Lions secondary. On a national stage such as this, there will be no let-down in performance from Bill Belichicks’ staff, and I just can’t find a way for Detroit to upset the 8-2 Patriots, who are well on their way to yet another fine season, and likely a great run into the playoffs. Perhaps in a more exciting showdown, the nothing-to-lose Dallas Cowboys look to upend the New Orleans Saints today, getting home field advantage and trying to win their third game in a row. I’ll go out on a limb in this match-up and take the Dallas Cowboys as the underdog victor today, as John Kitna has come around as a decent replacement for the injured Tony Romo, and the offense is starting to show a more well-rounded attack that will keep opponent’s defenses guessing. If the Cowboys can keep Drew Brees in check today, perhaps I can come off looking smart and get a solid boost in my Bookmaker sportsbook account today with a win for Dallas. Lastly, find the awful Cincinnati Bengals walking into a very tough situation against the New York Jets today, and while the Jets haven’t played a great all-around game as of yet this year, they just simply win. As such, I can’t bet against New York at home, especially with Carson Palmer seemingly hell-bent on doing whatever he can to help his team lose from week to week.

To close out a fun day of relaxing with the available games, find a few additional options for online sports betting with two contests scheduled for NBA Basketball between the Atlanta Hawks and the Washington Wizards, as well as the Los Angeles Clippers and the Sacramento Kings. Though not the greatest of match-ups, I’ll go with the Hawks to end their current 3-game skid at home against John Wall and the visiting Wiz, as well as the Clippers to find their 3rd victory of the season on the back of young phenom Blake Griffin. Look out as well for an exciting match-up in college football in Texas as the #17 ranked Texas A&M Aggies take on the Texas Longhorns, with the latter team likely to face their first losing season since 1997 after a rough season. It’ll be a nice, if not a tad bit slow day for online sports betting, however with at least a few good options available at Bookmaker sportsbook, count on a couple of good bets to make for an exciting Thanksgiving holiday for those in the U.S., and a fun day for those getting to at least catch a rare handful of NFL wagers during the week. From us at, Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating, and we hope to see you all back here again soon!

Aaron G.