Online Sports betting for Tuesday Night

It’s finally come to a quiet day in the online sports betting world, as the lull between the dramatic ending of the regular season in Major League Baseball gives just one day of peace and quiet before the Divisional Playoffs start up on Wednesday. Even though there won’t be too much offered in the way of online sportsbook betting today, with the first couple of playoff games starting tomorrow, today is a great time to do some reading up and stat surfing on the baseball match-ups, in order to get as much sports betting advice and side-by-side comparison of teams as possible. Definitely the big series of the Divisional playoffs in my mind will be the match-up between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Angels, the two teams finishing at the top of the American League in terms of wins with both teams starting out the playoffs with their ace pitchers on the mound. John Lackey gets the call for the Halos on Wednesday night, as well as Josh Beckett for the BoSox, in what should be one of the best pitching match-ups of the year. Boston will get home field advantage for games one and two of the series, and likewise are favored in the online sports betting sites found here at

It almost comes down to a coin flip for the first few games of the playoffs, however with the L.A Angels and the Boston Red Sox so evenly matched, I’ve got to take the Angels with the 1.5 runs given to them on the line, as I expect a close game either which way the game actually turns out. On the other side of things in the National League on Wednesday, the Phillies and the Rockies will be a much trickier series for betting in our top sportsbooks, and both teams have been out of the playoffs for over a decade, and no one can really say what kind of playoff teams these two might turn out to be. Being that Colorado will be visiting Philadelphia for the first two games, and that they are facing a very talented young pitcher in Cole Hamels for the opening game, I’ll swing the opposite way and take the Phillies to win with the 1.5 points given to them as the favorites. Another good bet may be to take the points on this game, as both teams certainly have shown that they know how to rally. The 9 points on the over/under looks pretty good to me, considering the power generated in both of these lineups.

Any which way you cut it, this week of Major League Baseball will bring some of the best games, and the most exciting online sportsbook betting of the year for this sport. I don’t know about you, but I just love post season baseball, and cannot wait until tomorrow when the games get underway. With the many top sportsbooks featured here on our website, it should be no problem finding plenty of information about these teams, and choosing a solid sportsbook wager or two to start of the MLB playoff season. So head on down today to one of our best online sports betting sites, and get excited for playoff baseball. I know that I’m already chomping at the bit for tomorrow, and with my sportsbook bets placed tonight it’s just a little waiting game until the action gets underway.

Aaron G.