Great night for online sports betting on Thursday

If you would have said that the Colorado Rockies would be one game away from the National League Championship series at some time this year, I would imagine that no one would take you any bit seriously. However, as the second playoff game between the Colorado Rockies and the Philadelphia Phillies came to a close this afternoon, one thing is very apparent: this Rockies team is hot, and it might take more than the Phillies, Diamondbacks or the Cubs to muster up the strength to stop them. Notching up their 16th win in the last 17 games, and then today putting up two four run innings to move to 2 games to none in the opening divisional playoff series, it is apparent that this team is motivated to win and has all the momentum on their side. After taking a hit yesterday in my online sports betting on baseball, I decided to lay off this first game, and instead focus my sports betting on the Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees, with that game now underway and into the 5th inning.

C.C. Sabathia is the big ace for Cleveland tonight, however with 5 walks given up so far, and the bases now loaded with only one out with the Indians up 4-3, this game could go any which way. Going to our of our best online sportsbooks at for today’s wagers, I’ve got Cleveland to win this game tonight, and once again I’m more than anxious with the way Sabathia is pitching right now. Either way though, this is yet another exciting post season game, and I for one am just excited to get the opportunity to be wageing on these games (though I sure could use a win today).  This series is definitely going to be a great one no matter what the outcome of this one game is, and I’ve been looking forward to this match-up for quite some time. Both teams have great power on demand, and are a little light in the pitching category, which always makes for plenty of runs and plenty of action. In this series, for your online sports betting, it probably wouldn’t be too bad of an idea to go with the over betting on total points, since the bats should be hot no matter how deep into the series they go.

As I speak, the jam is over for the Indians, and the lead stays at one run for now. For the rest of the evening, there is more great baseball action for your online sports betting interests, as the Cubbies look to get even with the Dbacks tonight in game 2 of their series. Even one great college football match-up is underway between #8 Kentucky and #11 South Carolina in a big SEC contest. I’ve gone with the Gamecocks in this one tonight, and so far so good with South Carolina up 10-3 in the second quarter. With so much great sports action throughout the week and weekend, it’s certainly high time to get down to one of our top sportsbooks, and place your wagers for anything that might suit you. Friday is just around the corner, so enjoy the sports action tonight, and have a great weekend of online sports betting to come.

Aaron G.