Friday night Major League Baseball Playoffs

All I can say to start out is thank you Friday! It’s been another long work week, and Friday certainly couldn’t come soon enough to save us all from the drudgery that is going to work everyday. I’m especially excited tonight, as there are no plans to be had, and great Major League Baseball action available as the American League Divisional Series are back in action once again. After being absolutely crushed 12-3 in the first game of the ALCS series, the New York Yankees will look to Andy Pettitte to bring them back into playoff form, as he goes up against 23 year old Fausto Carmona, who has quietly had one of the best seasons in Major League Baseball this year. It’s a tough call to decide who will prevail between the seasoned veteran in Pettitte, and the very talented new comer in Carmona, but I’ve just got a feeling tonight that Cleveland will take this game at home with an amazing Cleveland crowd. I have to admit that I’ll be rooting for Cleveland to win tonight, as I just can’t bring myself to ever cheer for a team with a payroll that is about 3 times greater than their opponent. It’s amazing to see how good of a team that the Indian have fielded this year, in the light of the relative disappointment of the blown money spent on the Yankees team to get to the same point.

In the other game of the night, Boston and the L.A. Angels square off once again, with Boston looking very strong to sweep at home with Disuke Matsuzaka on the mound facing Kelvim Escobar. This should be a great pitching match-up in Boston tonight, and I just don’t know which way to go with this game in my online sports betting. Los Angeles will definitely be looking to get this series even before heading back home where they play so very well, but Boston’s bats, if ignited tonight, could make the difference in this game. Vlad Guerrero will have to step up tonight along with Garrett Anderson to put some pop into the order if the Angels are to have any chance at getting a win. It seems like the long ball will matter more in this series that any other, as the caliber of the starting and relieving staff of both teams is very good. Your guess is as good as mine for the eventual outcome of the game, but you can bet for sure that I’ll be watching this game all the way through this Friday night.

It’s nice to get a quiet Friday night once in a while, and I can think of no better way to spend such a Friday than by grabbing a seat on the couch along with a slice of pizza and a cold beer, and watching the best baseball action of the year. I hope that your work weeks have ended so enough to catch a bit of the first game today, and that you get a chance for some online sports betting tonight for at least the later game, and also for the great sports action in store for tomorrow. Check out our best online sportsbooks featured here for more betting information, and get the low down on all the action there. Wishing you a great Friday night, thanks as always for checking out our site, and good luck on your online sports betting.

Aaron G.