NFL Sunday, more sports betting for MLB Playoffs

It’s that time of the weekend again folks, and I don’t know about you, but it seems like every Sunday morning of the NFL football season, my inner clock has me up and placing bets about an hour before the first games of the day start. It’s an especially wonderful day for a Seattle Seahawks fan such as myself, as for the first time this year the ‘Hawks actually get a spotlight on national television. To celebrate the occasion, my online sports betting for this morning will feature the first game between the Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers, taking the Seahawks to win in what should be a well-matched and close contest. To go along with this opening game, there are plenty of other great sports betting opportunities at our top sportsbooks, which will be worth the while of any sports fan to check out. For a few added morning bets, I’m taking the St. Louis Rams to finally get a win against the Arizona Cardinals, as 5 losses in a row just seems unheard of for any pro team. Also, New Orleans needs a win just as badly, and playing a Carolina team minus Jake Delhomme, today should be the day for that win to come through for them.

In the late games today, there are a couple of good match-ups worth checking out, including the night game between the Green Bay Packers and the struggling Chicago Bears. With Green Bay at home, I’ve got to take the favored Packers with the points in this game, as their defense has been solid, and their offense, quite unlike Chicago’s, has been plenty productive with Brett Favre playing like he’s in his prime. San Diego faces another tough challenge today with the Denver Broncos, and it might not be a bad bet to take the Broncos to win this one. I’m staying away from that game because I’m just not sure when or if San Diego will come out of the funk that they’ve been in so far this year. For online sports betting, also take a look at the Tampa Bay vs. Indianapolis game, which should actually be a close contest if the Bucs are up to the defensive task of keeping Peyton Manning in check.

Last but certainly not least for today is the pair of American League Divisional Series first between the Boston Red Sox and the L.A. Angels, then following with the Yankees and Indians. It’s down to the wire for both the Yanks and Halos, in what could be the last game for Joe Torre in pinstripes if he loses. A couple of good pitching match-ups are in store, and I like the Angels chances to hang on much more than the Yankees. It will be up to the 45 year old Roger Clemens to get the job done, and keep them alive. Any which way you look at it, it’s a great day for sports, and for betting on sports at our best online sportsbooks here at Enjoy the day, and good luck in all your betting!

Aaron G.