Big Night of Sports betting for NHL Hockey

It’s time for the second day of solid sportsbook betting on the NHL, and getting back into the swing of things has been a great time. I was fortunate to cash in on a few games last night, and today the fuel is back on the fire with a few more wagers at one of our featured online sports betting sites. Today I’m down at (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>), which was the first online sportsbook and casino I ventured to when beginning on this site. To this day, I remain a happy customer, and would recommend the site to anyone just getting into online sports betting. Anyways, on to the hockey games! The game of the night for me tonight has to be the match-up between the New York Islanders and the New York Rangers, as I love a good cross town rivalry´┐Żor cross island whatever. I’m catching the Anaheim vs. Boston game since it’s the local game on the networks, so you can bet I’ve included a wager on this game as well. While off to a slightly sour start, Anaheim will just have a matter of time before their team starts playing in top form again. Boston is no match for the Ducks on home ice, and my money is on the home squad.

Is Philadelphia going to be any good this year? This is something I want to know. They were just abysmal last season, and knowing that the team and the town will not tolerate another sub-par year. Tonight they’ve got my hometown (sort of) Canucks in Vancouver, who quite frankly am waiting to see how they will turn out. With Daniel Briere at center ice, he could single handedly take the Flyers back to the elite team that I’ve always known them for being. Vancouver just seems to be ageing a little bit, and I’m none too impressed with the lack of off-season maneuvers made by the ‘Nucks. The other L.A. Area team in action tonight is, of course the L.A. Kings, who travel to Dallas tonight. In this match-up I really want to root for Los Angeles, but Dallas at home is always tough. I’ll play the over card on the over/under for this game, as I would expect that there is plenty of scoring in this one.

NHL Hockey is a great way to get in more online sports betting action before the baseball playoffs resume shortly, and you can always bet that our website has access to the best online sports betting sites on the internet. Count on great opportunities at sites like, as it and all of the other great sites here are tried and tested places to get in all your betting on sports. Thanks for stopping by, and check out some great hockey action tonight!

Aaron G.