National League Championship Baseball betting on Thursday …

It’s always a sad realization when you come home from work, and find that you have completely forgotten to place a wager the evening’s sport action, and that action includes the opening game of the NLCS, between the Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Sigh. I honestly thought the game started tomorrow (duh), but luckily, getting home a bit early, I had the chance to sneak down to, which has been one of our best online sportsbooks for such a long time. For a quick wager on the NLCS game and the featured NCAA Football match-up between Florida State and Wake Forest, I snuck on and placed a wager with about 10 minutes left for betting. Picking the winner of this baseball game is a very tough call, because both these teams want to win so very badly, and it’s tough to say which team will play better postseason ball. They have both rallied to this point, and it might take seven games to decide this one, but you can bet both teams are bringing their ‘A’ game to this one. Being that Arizona is home tonight, it’s tough to bet away from the Diamondbacks with Brandon Webb on the hill. Jeff Francis is a good young pitcher, and the Colorado lineup puts up big numbers easily, so I’m flipping a coin for this one. Seriously. I’m so excited as the game gets under way, as this is certain to be a very good series.

For this series, the guys to watch are Todd Helton for the Rockies and Eric Byrnes for the Dbacks. For Helton, he’s waited his whole career for this shot, and you can bet that his best will come in this series. I’m biased towards a lefty, however I truly think that this guy is one of the most under appreciated player in all of baseball. He sticks with the same for eleven years, and finally after 10 .300+ batting average seasons, his time comes to show off on the national stage. I just have to say I like Eric Byrnes. This guy is a pretty good hitter, makes great plays in the outfield, and is an all-around hustler. If the Diamondbacks are to win this series, Byrnes is going to have to play well for Arizona to get ahead, by putting early runners on the bases and playing small ball. Colorado is going to have to have their pitching staff on the top of their game, which they have been since the beginning of their winning streak.

I’ve got to get back to this game, and hopefully you’re a little bit more organized than I am, and have already secured your bets for tonight’s game. Our featured online sportsbooks here at are the best place to get involved in the action, and playoff baseball is the best kind of baseball. Looking forward to a great Friday, I hope you’ve considered the ALCS tonight while placing bets, because that series will be equally amazing. Thanks for stopping by, checking out the online sportsbook reviews, and hopefully you’ve been enjoying all the great action on our featured online sports betting sites. Best of luck to you tonight, tomorrow and anytime that you’re playing online.

Aaron G.